IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-05-26

prologicI got an automated email from openhatch just now00:06
prologicjust some automated blah balh blah01:01
prologicyou may get one too maybe01:01
pdurbinprologic: nope, but that's ok. I get enough email :)01:06
prologicI published autodock and related plugins to pypi this morning01:07
prologicI'm also working on a new project to declaratively manage docker machines and infrastructure01:07
prologicwith a single command (I hope) you can bring up uan entire set of infrastructure and services01:07
pdurbinoh, I thought that's what autodock was01:12
prologickind of01:41
prologicbut my new project will play nicely with autodock (ofc)01:41
prologicautodock is more around docker automation01:41
prologicso right now I use it and autodock-hipache as a minimal PaaS01:41
prologicto host customer websites and various services01:41
prologicthis new tool I'm working on is more around managing and building up infrastructure and services in one step01:42
prologicit may also include a small daemon/agent that gets injected into the new docker engines for monitoring and status checks; etc01:42
prologicbut first steps01:42
prologic<fancy tool> up01:42
prologicbuilds up all the docker hosts01:42
prologicthrow defined services on each host01:43
pdurbinI heard some story that went something like, "hey how come you've stopped asking for VMs?" ... "oh, well, the last one we asked for we put docker on and now we just use that."01:47
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prologicthat sounds about right too06:16
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rioti _hate_ encoding16:22
riotsending ascii and bytes intermixed -> insanity16:22
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riotuh, i have not really working serial comms here16:49
rioti cleared up the bytes mess but still get crap :(16:50
rioti think i see whats going on.. :>16:53
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riothmm. actually i see the linesplitter is supposed to do what i wanted the serial component to do. has someone ever used that with a serial?17:25
riotthe serial port is reeeeally doing weird things.17:42
rioti reverted/shelved all my changes and nothing really works as it does in a serial terminal17:43
riotit only sends the first two letters.. what the hell17:54
prologicriot, wth indeed20:58
prologicis our Serial component broken in some way?20:59
prologicI mean it just wraps around pyserial in fact20:59
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riotprologic: maybe. The stuff works when i use screen (that is indeed proven) - i'll write one from scratch or revisit (==test) the component23:24
prologicyeah okay23:25
prologicI do know our Serial component works23:25
prologicbut yeah it does just wrap around pyserial23:25
riotit does some output buffering and there is the line component, but it may, well not exactly be what i need23:26
prologicsorry try to describe more succinctly what you need again? "_23:29
prologicstill waking up but maybe there is a solution to your needs :)23:29
rioti'm not sure. There seems to be an unknown bug, i'll first have to find that - or rewrite my own try.23:31
riotbut according to my plan, i'll need working serial connections in at least 5 places, so that is definitely a thing that needs to work.23:32
riotand judging my experience with circuits until now... i'm pretty convinced these problems can be solved..23:33
riot(albeit i still have to write my Proove of concept, which is a simple synthesizer23:33
rioti've already tried sampling in a null component (just counts and gives the counter at a one second interval) - i achieved 12 MHz, iirc - should be enough for a simple circuits based DSP23:34
riotsince i've done good serial comms with a similar framework, i'm positive here, but the existing code is possibly function-biased and definitely old (5y)23:36
riotthing is: i'm communicating with an arduino - that should really work "out of the box"23:36
riotbut if we get this working, it is perfect advertising - "Works with arduino - flawlessly"23:37
prologicit should be possible to get much higher than this :)23:44
prologicWhere's your code that demonstrates this?23:44
prologicif you run circuits.bench on your system23:44
prologicthere are two kinds of benchmarks; latecny and throughput23:45
prologicthe latecny of the circuits event loop is quite small23:45
prologicin the micro seconds23:45
prologicshould I perhaps get my Arduino Uno out and try myself over the next couple of nights?23:46

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