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y0noHi there! any news on broken tests ?12:15
y0noIt will be good to stop new commit until all tests are fixed no ?12:21
y0noprologic, your last commit seems to let appears new issues :/12:22
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prologicy0no, there is only one :)20:51
prologicthe coroutine test that spaceone created20:51
spaceoneprologic: what is so hard?22:43
spaceonegit co system_exit22:43
spaceonegit remote add http...spaceone/circuits22:43
spaceonegit remote add spaceone
spaceonegit fetch spaceone/system_exit22:44
spaceonegit rebase spaceone/system_exit22:44
spaceonegit push origin system_exit22:44
prologicthat's what I *thought*22:47
prologicbut I couldn't quite get the right sequence of commmands ;)22:47
prologicin mercurial it would hav ejust been:22:47
prologichg pull --rebase <url>22:47
prologic*sigh* :)22:47
prologic$ git fetch spaceone/system_exit22:48
prologicfatal: 'spaceone/system_exit' does not appear to be a git repository22:48
prologicfatal: Could not read from remote repository.22:48
prologicPlease make sure you have the correct access rights22:48
prologicand the repository exists.22:48
prologicI think it's just git fetch spaceone22:49
prologicoh shit :)22:49
prologicthat got all your branches22:49
prologicI think that did it anyway22:50
prologicI'll cleanup my local clone later :)22:50
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prologicspaceone: btw test_coroutine works as expected23:07
prologicI've fixed the test and will push it up to a new breanch shortly and a PR23:07
prologicthe test is wrong :)23:08
prologicBut we still have an open issue of (I think you already logged it)23:08
prologicWaiting for an event by instance of an event23:08
prologicas opposed to by name23:08
spaceoneprologic: ah, the yield is wrong23:10
spaceoneprologic: okay, yes... nice that it works23:11
spaceonethe wait by event instance would be very great23:11
prologicI agree23:12
prologicI thought you logged an issue for this already to improve this feature?23:13
prologicI can't find it :)23:13
prologicalso fixing the test was a matter of waiting for the event co "complete"23:13
prologicthat's one valid use-case for complete there23:13
prologicotherwise by the time you go to assert the test the event has not finished/completed yet23:13
prologicmake sense?23:13
prologicit still has another "iteration" to go :)23:13
spaceonecreated #6023:19
prologicnice :)23:23
spaceoneprologic: the second example → foo() is instanciated again23:23
prologicone of us should blog something very similar here23:27
prologicin response to this blog23:27
prologicsorry fixed23:28
prologicbad copy/paste23:28
prologicjust looking at the first example in that blog post23:29
prologicone of the BIG advantages of circuits over Twisted/Tornoade23:29
prologicis that the two event handlers don't have to know about each other directly23:29
prologicwhereas in Jesse's example23:30
prologicthe two coroutines have to know about the condition object somehow23:30
prologicand it's quite a horrible example because it's a global too23:30
prologicwe *can* do better :)23:30
prologicloose coupling ftw23:30
prologicI can't quite make this work quite right23:46
prologicWant to have a go?23:46
prologicI'm at work so I should probably try to get some "work" done :)23:46
prologicOh you're off to bed :)23:47
prologicrightio :)23:47
spaceone01:48 am23:48
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prologichi my_chiguai23:53
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