IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-05-30

riotprologic: will you take out your arduino? I'd really like to find my 'bug'..00:26
prologicriot, sure I can probably find some time to do that00:59
riotcool =)01:11
rioti'll try a few things - like 2.x instead of 3, but only after a night full of sleep01:12
riotcould also be pyserial related, though i doubt it01:12
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prologictest_node is a bit unreliable12:11
prologicand the tests seems to hang on tests/web/ for pypy12:12
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prologicok improved the web tests config and fixtures13:29
prologicand fixed a few poorly written tests13:30
riotprologic: its not circuits, it is python3.4's serial14:26
riottried by hand now -> same result14:26
riotdoesn't work with 2.x, either14:30
riotyUk. what is going on here..?!14:30
riotwtf, works on a virtual port.14:39
riotwhat does pyserial do differently than screen here..?! (I'm using screen to test comms with the ┬ÁC)14:40
riothmm. think i have it. indeed a bug on the arduino side.. it works when bytes get sent _slooowly_ it eats bytes when they're sent as a longer string. oh, how delightful.14:42
prologicriot, baud rate problem?14:46
prologichere's an idea14:47
prologicwrite a new
prologicthat doesn't depend on pyserial :)14:47
prologichow hard could it be? :)14:47
prologicjust not sure on cross platform compatibility14:47
riotno, i think its a problem with my arduino code. serves me right, i copied that part.14:47
rioti'll try the circuits component with a virtual serial, just to make sure.14:47
riotyup, works14:49
prologicnice :)14:49
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riotprologic: _but_ i've found a few bugs in the component and will add a few other quirks (i'll try to see what happens when i turn use XON)14:57
riote.g. the timeout is never used, as well as a problem with encoding14:57
riotpullrequest this evening, hopefully.14:57
prologicsweet :)15:07
prologicwe love pull requests :)15:07
rioti still don't get why this darned arduino is loosing bytes :/15:08
prologicgood question15:10
prologicI'll have to pull mine out tomorrow if I can15:10
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prologicwe have visitors though in the morning15:11
prologichopefully I get time :)15:11
spaceoneprologic: CONTRIBUTING looks nice!15:16
prologicThank you :)15:16
prologicif it look good we can merge it15:16
riothm, i found working readline code for it :)15:16
prologicI just finished documenting the dev env too15:16
prologicthat ihmo every python dev should be using :)15:16
prologicI kind of like this15:17
prologicwe have a badge for the no. of issues "ready" to eb worked on in the README15:17
prologicbut in terms of a nice way of laying things out and interacting with the Github Issues API it's quite nice IHMO :)15:18
prologicI also added today too for code quality15:18
prologicand fixed up a bunch (all) errors that were found15:18
riotturns out: driving to serials with different baudrates -> no good idea15:34
prologichah15:37 looks nice!15:38
prologicyeah ti does15:43
riotyaaay, i have a working servo controller in hfos =)16:11
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prologicriot, congrats :)21:59
prologiccontrollved via circuits?21:59
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