IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-06-01

prologicHey all00:59
prologicJust updating the README a bit00:59
prologicwith links to Google+ group00:59
prologicand Stackoverflow00:59
prologicany objections/feedback?00:59
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prologicwow big massive codebase cleanup happenning10:34
prologicthe diff --stat is impressive :)10:34
prologic99 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 403 deletions(-)10:35
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prologicpdurbin, ping?11:30
pdurbinprologic: but walking the kids to school in a few11:37
prologicso it's morning for you :)11:44
prologiccool cool11:44
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pdurbinrainy morning. supposed to bring the kids to a red sox game tonight :/12:56
prologicred sox being?12:56
prologica team of some sport?12:56
pdurbinthe only team that matters in boston :)12:57
prologicfair enough :)13:08
prologicstrictness: veryhigh13:08
prologicI think was a bit much :)13:08
prologiccode quality dropped to 46% (from 87%)13:09
prologiclet's also ignore examples, docs and tests13:09
prologicand just get a "code quality" metric on the circuits codebase itsel13:09
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prologichi green113:46
prologichi my_chiguai13:46
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