IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-06-02

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prologicheya treemo11:36
treemohi prologic11:36
prologicwhat's happening?11:38
y0noprologic, to what ?11:39
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prologicanything :)11:44
prologicwhat's up? :)11:44
y0noprologic, the begining of the week is hard ahah, and you ?12:13
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prologicit's the middle of the week for me12:37
prologicbut I have a 4 day week this week and net12:37
prologicso yay :)12:37
prologicjust about to publish a new blog article on circuits and reactjs12:38
prologicjust temporary draft ^^^12:38
y0noprologic, nice! Maybe a short introduction of ReactJS could be interesting. But really nice post =)12:44
prologicahh just a little paragraph on what ReactJS is in the first place? :)12:51
pdurbinprologic: most people just call it "React"12:54
prologicthat's gonna have to be it12:54
y0noprologic, yep12:55
prologic(a JavaScript library to build User Interfaces)12:55
prologicReactJS is quite feature rich with what it can do12:55
prologicbut one of the nice things is that it has a similarish component design to circuits :)12:55
prologicany other tips before I push this up and publish it? :)12:57
y0noprologic, you are a crux user ?14:24
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prologicy0no, well and truly20:56
prologicgetting on to nearly two decades now20:57
prologicmaintainer of many ports20:57
prologicand the official Docker images for CRUX20:57
y0nohéhé nice =)21:41

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