IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-06-08

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prologichey all07:07
prologicbeen away all weekend (past 4 days)07:08
prologicwhat'd I miss?07:08
prologicnizox, ahh damn looks like I missed TeshooLama's question; hopefully he/she reads the logs! or hopefully comes back :)07:12
prologicWhat TeshooLama needed to do was define an event handler called "ready"; e.g: def ready(self, ...):07:13
prologicnizox, oh you said that in the next line awesome :)07:13
prologicTeshooLama: Ahh @handler("ready", channel="web")07:13
prologicspaceone> prologic: i want to improove the debugger output → e.g. arguments of event write() will contain the whole data (which i will strip at 50 chars) and <socket.socketobject ....> where <socket(%x)> would be enough. and a lot more things... should i adapt __repr__ of the events or should i add a formatrepr() method in the Debugger? <-- sounds awesome07:14
prologicspaceone> btw. why do we do "fire = fireEvent" ? to make it easier possible to overwrite it? <-- yes but in hindsight  it's probably a useless idea; perhaps we can log an issue to get rid of the aliases?07:15
prologicspaceone> what do you think about handler.stop_event_on_exception? <-- hmm? maybe handler.stop_on_error? what's the use-case?07:16
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zildjianprologic: I'm new to using circuits.  Still going through tutorials08:39
prologichi zildjian09:23
spaceoneprologic: you did not really anwer the question: should i implement e.g. write.__repr__() or Debugger.event_repr()?09:34
prologicI must have missed that09:39
prologicshouldn't this go into specfic events?09:39
prologicmakes more sense no?09:39
prologicspecialize on events that *could* contain many large args/kwargs09:40
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riotuhm, having a little trouble with starting a testsuite. I copied the mechanism over from circuits - but it doesn't work - at all :/17:13
riotis py.test really the choice?17:14
riotit won't run even the simplest test involving any of my core components17:14
riotand when i simplified (removed all files in /tests except tests/web/ the stuff, i get this one:
riotwhy is it even trying to test circuits?!17:17
riotaaah.. *moan* testing.. i hate it17:22
rioti think, i'll give nosetests a try, i have that in the project anyway17:25
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riothmhm. okay. nosetests are out again. only running into stupid problems.20:27
prologicriot, :)20:45
prologicpytest is awesome20:45
prologicand simple :)20:45
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