IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-06-10

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spaceoneprologic: does TravisCI create+provide the coverage html files?15:03
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riotspaceone: not sure, but i think not. I think pytest-cov generates these.17:49
riottrying to wrap my head around py.test, but it simply won't import my package at all. in the same venv, i can do manual import hfos, but not in the tests :/17:50
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spaceoneriot: jeah, i can't run them either^^18:56
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prologicspaceone, it's created by pytest-cov and coverage I believe and coveralls picks it up and publishes it up to coveralls.io20:19
spaceoneprologic: is it set up for circuits?20:21
spaceone(only want to know, you don't need to set it up)20:24
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prologicheya Osso :)23:34

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