IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-06-11

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pdurbinprologic: coveralls? have a link to the circuits files?02:11
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prologicpdurbin: for our coverage report?03:26
pdurbinprologic: thanks. it looks like Java support is user-contributed:
prologicI believe so03:37
pdurbinsame for Python looks like03:39
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prologicWe're using the TravisCI feature03:49
prologicwhere Travis submits the coverage edata on our behalf03:49
prologicbut the data itself I believe is just JUnitXMl files03:50
prologicthat pytest-cov produces03:50
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pdurbingotcha. thanks15:12
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riotprologic: any hints, why my tests can't import my main package?18:43
riot(there's not much point in testing, if i can't access the stuff i wanna test ;)18:43
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prologicriot, need to see tracebacks, errors, terminal, etc :)21:11
prologicbit hard to guess blind21:12
prologicno phun intended :)21:12
spaceonehi guys ;)22:10
spaceonecan you give me a list of circuits.web applications?22:10
spaceonewell, i need links to the source code22:10
spaceonei know sahriswiki22:11
spaceonebut i guess there are more open source projects using ciruits.web?!22:11
prologicSee also:
prologicthese are mostly mine I guess23:20
prologicif users don't contribute or open source their apps23:21
prologicwe can't really list them :)23:21
prologicJustin also has many commercial webapps and websites built with circuits.web23:21
spaceonethanks for the links!23:38
spaceonewho is Justing?23:38
spaceoneprologic: is ircnotifier or kdb currently running here?23:50
prologiclong time user of circuits23:54
prologicI think he works now for a company23:55
prologiche pops in every now and again23:55
prologicsearch the irc logs for justin :)23:55
prologicre ircnotifier/kdb; no23:55
prologickdb needs updating23:55
prologicircnotifier isn't used sinc emoving to Github I guess :)23:55
prologicbut it's still a good application23:55

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