IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-06-14

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spaceonearghh.... python3 doesnt support neither b'%s' % (foo,) not b'%s'.format... FUCK python3 !!!10:14
prologic>>> b"{}".format(b"foo")10:27
prologicTraceback (most recent call last):10:27
prologic  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>10:27
prologicAttributeError: 'bytes' object has no attribute 'format'10:27
spaceonei really hate that10:27
prologic>>> b"{}".decode("utf-8").format("foo").encode("utf-8")10:28
spaceoneprologic: you cannot decode everything as utf-810:28
spaceoneit will fail with latin1 'รค'10:28
spaceoneso b"{}".decode("latin1").format("foo").encode("latin1") would work10:29
spaceonebut then one have to also decode what is given to .format()10:29
spaceoneand that would be 53 in my project10:30
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spaceoneprologic: wasn't there a issue for a new website design?13:22
spaceoneah :D13:22
spaceoneit's on page2 of the issues13:23
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prologicspaceone, yes22:07
prologicwhy you wanna have a crack at it?22:08
prologicI'm thinking static site22:08
prologicbootstrap3 theme22:08
prologickeep it simple22:08
prologicand probably just host it with github pages; point the CNAME at it22:08
prologicCan probably use Pelican to write the content in Markdown22:08
prologicor reStructuedText22:08

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