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koobsprologic: one of the ideas i have is for a TravisCI Api compatible BSD CI platform, to make integrating for BSD testing in Github as easy as travis05:11
koobsprologic: if you could write an api wrapper (travis) ci compatible, i tmight be a great first step to doing this05:11
koobsprologic: The backend could be any CI system, and I know buildbot supports 'latent EC2 slaves' for instance, to spin them up/down only when theyre needed05:12
prologichi koobs05:28
prologicso what's needed05:28
prologican API Wrapper around Travis CI's API?05:28
prologicWhat kind of API are we exposing?05:29
prologicTravis CI <-> System X <-> ???05:29
koobswell, not really05:32
koobsi want to emulate the travis api (so this bsd ci service would be drop in addition)05:32
koobstravis doesnt suppoyrt BSD OS's (nor will it likely in the future)05:33
koobsso, givenn FreeBSD has bhyve, which can run multiple OS's05:33
koobswe can provide a 'travis api compatible' CI platform05:33
koobssolved the problem we were talking about for you on github re circuits05:36
koobsbut opens it up for everyone else05:36
prologicahh yeah okay05:58
prologicI see what you're saying05:58
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spaceonehm, i don't get my working to execute my tests18:27
spaceoneNo such file or directory... but not mentioned which18:27
spaceoneERROR: file not found: test18:32
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Guest43452spaceone, full output pasted somewhere?21:26
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prologicis this up-to-date in the repo on gh?21:39
prologicI'll have a look if so21:39
spaceoneprologic: yes21:40
spaceonei changed one line but it doesn't fixed it either21:40
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prologiccmd.extend(sys.argv[1:]) wasn't quite right :)21:55
prologicyou were essentially running:21:55
prologicpy.test ... test21:55
prologicbut the tests suite directory is tests21:55
prologicnot test :)21:55
spaceoneah yes21:55
spaceonewell, i need this when i run it from my own21:56
spaceonebut okay ^^21:56
spaceonei started to write some tests21:57
spaceoneprologic: and if i want to set up coveralls → the documentation is very weird22:05
spaceoneit says22:05
spaceone"add the following lines to a .coveralls.yml file in your repository's root: "22:05
spaceoneand then "Note: Do not make your repo token public."22:05
spaceonebut the lines contain that token22:06
prologicyes :)22:07
prologicTravis CI has supports for coveralls though22:07
spaceoneso what shouldd i do?22:07
prologicso just rely on Travis to pick it up22:07
prologiccircuits has no .coveralls.yml22:07
spaceonehm, but it doesn't do anything22:07
prologicTravis does the work22:07
prologicyeah it does22:07
prologicI forget how it works22:07
prologicbutt he two are itnegrated22:07
spaceonemaybe the tests don't need to fail22:07
spaceone(2 tests are failing, dunno why, locally they pass)22:08
prologicactually 2 were failing for me too22:09
prologicdelete your virtualenv and starrt over22:09
prologicmay show the errors come up22:09
spaceoneprologic: can you execute python2 -c 'from email.utils import formatdate, parsedate'22:10
spaceonedoes it work?22:10
spaceone>>> from httoop import Date22:13
spaceone>>> d = Date("Wed, 12 Feb 1997 16:29:51 -0500")22:14
spaceone>>> d == 855761391.022:14
spaceonemaybe it has to do with the set up timezone22:15
spaceoneor LC_TIME22:15
spaceoneassert <HTTP Date(855764991)> == 855761391.022:17
prologic>>> from email.utils import formatdate, parsedate22:22
spaceone"-0500" is not evaluated22:22
spaceonei think i need to implement those by myself too22:22
spaceoneall stdlibs are broken :/22:23
spaceonegood night ;)22:27
spaceonegrr... email.utils.parsedate is really wrong... dateutil.parser.parse keeps the tzinfo22:37
spaceoneHTTP dates are expected to be GMT in most of the cases, but why did Julian Reschke uses "-0500" then. I'll read about it again22:38

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