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prologicEveryone happy with the new upcoming website? ?06:12
spaceoneohsted → hosted [on Docs]09:15
y0noprologic, nice website =)09:51
prologicspaceone, thanks :)10:13
prologicI'll run through all the sources with a spell checker10:13
prologicy0no, thanks :)10:13
prologicspaceone, y0no please keep the feedback coming re website; if there's anything else I can add to or modify tonight please let me know ASAP :)10:14
prologicOtherwise my plan is to change the DNS on laer tonight (~4-5hrs or so) and this will become the default new circuits website10:14
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prologicspaceone, y0no only thing left I can see is the Donate page(s) An ideas on what to do with ?11:06
prologicoh and the PyConAU 2014 slides:
prologicwhat to do with those11:07
y0noWhat kind of idea do you want for the donate page prologic ?11:12
prologicwas thinking of just replicating the same kind of pages11:14
prologicDonate/ Donate/ThankYou Donate/Sorry11:14
prologicbut on the main page use bootstrap panels11:14
prologicleft paypal, right bitcoin11:14
prologicyup what?11:40
prologicsound good? :)11:40
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prologicy0no, spaceone
prologicany opinions on theme choice?12:26
prologicMon Jun 29 22:29:4012:26
prologic$ ls theme/static/css/12:26
prologicbootstrap.amelia.min.css    bootstrap.min.css               bootstrap.united.min.css12:26
prologicbootstrap.cerulean.min.css  bootstrap.paper.min.css         bootstrap.yeti.min.css12:26
prologicbootstrap.cosmo.min.css     bootstrap.readable.min.css      font-awesome.css12:26
prologicbootstrap.cupid.min.css     bootstrap.readable-old.min.css  font-awesome.min.css12:26
prologicbootstrap.custom.min.css    bootstrap.sandstone.min.css     html4css1.css12:27
prologicbootstrap.cyborg.min.css    bootstrap.shamrock.min.css      pygments12:27
prologicbootstrap.darkly.min.css    bootstrap.simplex.min.css       shariff12:27
prologicbootstrap.flatly.min.css    bootstrap.slate.min.css         style.css12:27
prologicbootstrap.journal.min.css   bootstrap.spacelab.min.css      typogrify.css12:27
prologicbootstrap.lumen.min.css     bootstrap.superhero.min.css12:27
prologicthere's a few to choose from :)12:27
prologiccan preview all the themes there12:27
prologickind of like Cerulean a bit12:31
y0noprologic, can't access your link12:31
prologicahh rats12:37
riotprologic: i was a bit stunned by the choice of bootstrap themes and added a theme selector to HFOS ;D12:59
riotprologic: i like flatly13:01
riotor cosmo (i like the contrasting bootstrap bar)13:01
prologicwe can always put this to a vote13:06
prologicI might just do that13:06
prologicjust a theme selector work okay with a static site?13:06
prologicjust a bit of js surely?13:06
prologicI put all the examples in a tab container13:20
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y0noprologic, spaceone, have you already work with systemd python library?15:31
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prologicy0no, no; I refuse to use systemd if I can avoid it :)22:15
y0nohaha ok :p22:16
prologicwell I'm not trying to be too harsh haha22:17
prologicbut yeah no I haven't used any systemd stuff22:17
y0noFor a project I have to read log from journald. I have tried to use Circuits poller to do that, but something seems to be wrong, I don't understand why :/22:18

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