IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-07-05

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prologicriot, yeah circuits.web has websockets :)04:22
prologicquite easy to add to your app04:22
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prologicWhat do you guys think so far?09:56
riotprologic: i'm already using the websocket. I'll probably need the stuff added, though, for the frontend i have in mind..11:10
prologicahh yeah11:11
prologicbut yeah real-time eventing with circuits' websocekts is awesome11:12
riot<3 websocket (but sometimes i also hate it)11:12
prologicI developed a prototype realtime web based editor11:12
prologicfor multiple users to collaborate with11:12
prologicworks very nicely even with connectd clients from the other side of the world11:12
rioti have tried sending video data (frame by frame): camera > cv2 > circuits > websocket > frontend .. that made me realize, i'll have to rewrite my entire frontend for that (and similar stuff) to work11:13
riotoh, i'll need that =)11:13
riot(ijon, my co-founder formed it like that: we're doing to maritime navigation software, what etherpad did to word)11:13
prologickeep at it!11:14
riotoh, i will =)11:14
prologicand *if* we can do anything to help make circuits better for you guys11:14
prologiclet us know! :)11:14
riotapparently, every goodie i specifically need framework-wise is mostly in already *g*11:14
riotstill, i need to find time to add,clean and contribute my tiny findings11:15
prologicyeah yeah11:15
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