IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-07-08

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prologichi znfgnu10:49
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spaceoneprologic: how is readthedocs working? do they pull your github account and build the sphinx doc automatically? or do you need to add static files, etc.?18:11
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prologicheh thanks22:51
prologicand I'm sorry at teh same time22:51
prologicI'm a little frustrated to say the least22:51
prologicand perhaps I should learn my lesson and not spread my passion for software engineering onto others22:51
prologicI just don't have time for constant negative criticisms really; my old man always said; "If you have nothing good to say; don't say anything."22:52
prologicconstructive criticisms OTOH is always welcome with me and any of my proejcts!22:52
prologicthat said22:52
prologicI started creating and found a good name for my "domain management toool"22:52
prologicso far I'm thinking of the following design22:53
prologicdomains list22:53
prologicdomains sync22:53
prologicdomains status22:53
prologicwith a default domains.yml file22:53
prologiccloud provider agnostic of course22:53
pdurbinsure. "domains" sounds fine22:59
pdurbinanyway, you and anyone else who is passionate about software engineering is welcome in #sourcefu anytime. usually there isn't any conflict23:01
prologicI'll come back later perhaps23:06
prologicI think I'll finish what I started23:06
prologicand publish the article23:06
prologicI never like leaving thingsunfinished23:06
pdurbinwell, no pressure, of course23:36
pdurbinI just like the idea of language-agnostic channels.23:36
pdurbinnot that #sourcefu has really taken off23:41
pdurbinI've considered letting expire.23:46

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