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prologicoh really?00:24
prologicI think you should keep it :)00:24
prologicyou have a good thing going there00:24
prologicjust need to continue!00:24
prologicI'll come back; I promise00:24
pdurbinheh. again, no pressure00:24
prologic*after* I finish domains, factory and the todoapp deployment into production00:24
prologicand complete the blog post00:24
pdurbinit's sort my blog00:25
pdurbinI just drop links in there as I find them.00:25
pdurbinprologic: we could start a channel for the todoapp project :)00:26
prologicif you like :)00:35
prologicI might even expand upon it after this initial blog post00:35
prologicwhere the next blog post will be all about graceful upgrades of a live running multi-user system00:35
prologici.e: todoapp.org00:35
pdurbinis the project friendly to multiple languages?00:37
prologicyeah absolutely05:24
prologicwhy not05:24
prologicI mean I only write it to supplement the blog post on development -> production05:24
prologicbut I don't see why we can't05:24
prologicperhaps when I'm done with factory, autodock and domains05:24
prologicand actually finished this first blog post05:24
prologicwe can then get more serious about todoapp05:25
prologicin terms of other implemtnations05:25
prologicand how to deal with scalability and graceful upgrades05:25
prologicin a Dockerized world05:25
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prologiceven'n all08:22
prologicpdurbin, I'm going to try and finish off domains tonight08:22
prologicintegrate it into factory08:22
prologicand see if I can't deliver on my promise of 5mins deployments08:22
prologicone thing that's quite funny about all this08:22
prologicis that I'm finding myself actually using the todoapp itself to manage todos for this little project and blog post08:22
prologicwas thinking today of writing yet another (unrelated) tool09:00
prologicI was thinking about 'debtcollector'09:00
prologicbut that name is taken on pypi09:00
prologicany ideas for a suitable alternative?09:00
pdurbinunrelated huh10:13
prologicwell I've grown a bit tired of workpalecs that accumulate technical debt at alrming rates over a number of years10:14
prologicand was thinking it would actually be a nice tool10:14
prologicthis is what I'm thinkign it should do10:14
prologicso debtcollector is out for a name - it's taken10:14
prologicso we need a good name10:14
prologicsomething you'd remember to run on the CLI10:14
prologicand yes it's agnostic of the langauge10:14
prologicbut what it would do is:10:14
prologicscan through your code base ggiven a path to scan through10:15
prologicand a configurable set of patterns to look for (with defaults)10:15
prologicby default it would look for10:15
prologicand list them all10:15
prologicbut here's the kicker10:15
prologicif setup; would automagically create Github issues for items found10:15
prologicor Bitbucekt issues10:15
prologicso you'd setup the tool to do OAuth access to your project and your project's URI either on Github or Bitbucket10:16
pdurbindid you talk about this before?10:16
prologicand automatically keep your issue tracker updated with items that developers mark as XXX: TODO: or FIXME:10:16
prologicbecause devlopers are really good at marking their code with these things typically I've found10:16
prologicnot sure if I have or haven't :)10:16
prologicThu Jul 09 20:17:4610:16
prologic$ domains status10:16
prologic?        test.com10:16
prologicanyway on a more related note10:17
prologicstatus is almost working10:17
prologicdo you think this'll work okay for others too10:17
prologicdomains sync10:17
pdurbinin netbeans I can bring up a window that shows "action items" or something. it scans the code and lists all the times I've added "@todo"10:17
prologicand it'll sync up a domains.yml to the declared providers with the declared records10:18
prologicyeah so that seems to be a featuer of many ides I take it?10:18
prologicnot that I use one :)10:18
prologicI use vim :P10:18
pdurbinprobably but i'm not sure10:18
prologicbut don't you think actually adding them to a proejct's issue tracker would make the more visisble to the project owners and other develoeprs10:18
prologicand actually encourage/force devs/owners to actually do something about them?10:19
pdurbinyou can customize the patterns it looks for10:19
pdurbinThe Action Items window automatically scans your code and lists commented lines containing words such as "TODO" or "FIXME", as well as lines with compilation errors, quick fixes, and style warnings.
prologicyeah yeah okay10:21
prologicwould it be useful to inject those directly into a proejct's issue trakcer?10:21
prologicrather than just visible in one developer's IDE10:22
prologiclet's say not every developer uses NetBeans10:22
prologicor that it would actually encourage/force project managers and project owners to have visibility into a project's technical debt10:22
pdurbinwell, all the developers have access to the same view10:38
pdurbinbut of course maybe no one looks at those "action items"10:38
pdurbinI doubt I would want my todos to automatically end up as github issues. I'd rather pick and choose.10:39
pdurbinprioritize the more important ones10:40
pdurbinfor a project I'm working on in vim I'd probably just do something like this: ack "FIXME|TODO" path/to/code10:42
riotwtf. fefe is working on a NOMIL/NOINTL GPL version.. wtf.. nice11:01
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prologicpdurbin, fair enough11:58
prologicoh well it was just an idea11:58
prologicprogressing with 'domains' tool11:58
prologicThu Jul 09 22:06:0312:02
prologic$ grin --without-filename -I '*.py' '(FIXME|TODO|XXX)\:' | wc -l12:02
prologicinterestingly our project has very few12:02
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pdurbinhmmm. "<-- | prologic (~prologic@unaffiliated/prologic) has quit (Excess Flood)" :)12:24
Guest8032that’d be right12:27
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pdurbinprologic: quit flodding the channel ;)12:41
prologicThu Jul 09 23:10:3713:07
prologic$ domains sync13:07
prologicCreating domain: ... OK13:07
prologicThu Jul 09 23:10:4613:07
prologic$ host ns1.digitalocean.com13:07
prologicUsing domain server:13:07
prologicName: ns1.digitalocean.com13:07
prologicAliases:13:07 has address
prologicah ha!13:07
prologicdomains is done14:36
prologicwe can list, sync, get status and delete domains14:36
prologicon all of the following cloud providers: google, rackspace, hostvirtual, gandi, route53, dummy, softlayer, rackspace_us, linode, zerigo, rackspace_uk, digitalocean14:37
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prologicpdurbin: completed the domains tool last night :)23:33

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