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pdurbinprologic: nice00:11
prologicdid you see the readme?00:13
prologicit actually works surprisingly well00:13
prologicyou could even update/sync domains on a git hook00:13
prologicI plan to write a supplementary tool to go along with domains00:14
prologicwhich will convert bind zone file formats into the yaml format that domains understand00:14
pdurbinyep, seems great00:15
prologicre integration now with factory00:17
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prologicI'm thinking that I'll integrate it at a library level00:17
prologicrather than at a cli level like I'm doing with docker-machine00:18
prologicI would rather integrate with docker-machine at a library level; but I can't at present00:18
prologicso basically unless I find a way to turn Go libraries/software into reusable libraries by other langauges00:19
prologicI'm stuck wrapping around docker-machine via the sh lirbary (a nice way to wrap around shell commands)00:19
prologicbut at least with domains I can reuse and integrate with it's api via it's library00:19
prologicfrom domains.api import Domains00:19
pdurbinprologic: what if you wrote something in Go instead of Python?00:50
prologichow would that help?01:20
pdurbinto use the Go libraries directly01:55
prologicOh I see04:03
prologicbut this sounds like something someone has probably already done04:03
prologicI'll look into it04:03
prologicbut you're probably right04:03
prologicmaybe the Go code/library can be compiled in some way04:03
prologicand wrapped up as a CPython extension04:03
prologicand then just imported04:03
pdurbinI'm just wondering if Go is a better tool for the job than Python if it integrates better with Docker, which is written in Go.10:25
prologicI don't think so really10:29
prologiclargely because it doesn't really matter anyway10:29
prologicmany software systems integrate at different levels10:29
prologicAPI, CLI, Library, etc10:29
prologicDocker Compose for example is written in Python10:29
prologicbecause they bought and inherited fig.sh10:30
prologicbut that's a good thing anyway10:30
prologicand they're keeping it written in Python10:30
prologicI'll likely integrate directly (or try) with docker-compose too from a library pov10:30
prologicas well as domains10:30
prologicbut I'm fine with integrating with docker-machine using sh for now10:30
prologicthings may change anyway10:30
pdurbininteresting. I assumed everything Docker was written in Go.10:43
pdurbinmakes sense if it was an acquisition10:59
prologicso I'm nearly done with factory + domains integration11:00
prologicone more integration to go!11:00
prologicand we can: $ factory up on todoapp11:00
prologicso you know the way domains works right?11:05
prologicwith a yaml config file (configurable)11:05
prologicsync zones/records to cloud providers11:05
prologicuseful sure11:05
prologicbut there's one thing I've left out that I haven't covered yet in the README11:05
prologiconly added it late last night11:05
prologicso you can do things like:11:05
prologicdomains sync -c '{ ... some json .. }'11:06
prologicand that json can be used to populate records in the configuration file dynamically11:06
prologicI'm probably going to add a domains sync -c - alternative too to inform domains to read the json/context from stdin instead11:06
prologicprologic> who wants to do some testing with me? :)12:14
prologic[22:18:19] <prologic> /server 666812:14
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prologichi 20WABNM8Y12:46
20WABNM8Yhello pro :)17:54
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