IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-07-20

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prologickwmiebach, hi06:11
prologicnew here?06:37
kwmiebachI am actually using flask & schedule at the moment - the circuits code did not make it into production :D06:38
kwmiebachwell I did not make it06:38
prologicI was away for a few days so welcome to circuits06:39
prologicI'm James :)06:39
prologicLet me know if we can help in any way06:39
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prologichi LyndsySimon09:32
pdurbinLyndsySimon is always here. lurking, lurking :)12:12
prologicinteresting stuff melodie was on about12:14
prologicdo you fully understand what she is talking about?\12:14
pdurbinoh, all the stuff at
pdurbinum. I think she was just trying to understand what circuits is12:58
prologicI *think* I understand where she is coming from13:02
prologicI hope13:02
prologicjust have to find a "good" way to fill that gap13:02
pdurbinmaybe you could have a list like this:
prologicAhh but we do don't we?13:51
pdurbinoh! where is that linked from?14:01
prologicso not very well linked?14:33
prologicperhaps on the main menu?14:33
prologicand/or the front page?14:33
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pdurbinI'd link it from the homepage14:53
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spaceonemain menu15:36

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