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prologichi patx09:02
prologichaven't seen you around here in a while09:02
prologicwb :)09:02
patxhey yeah its been awhile, everthing good?09:03
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prologicwith circuits?09:25
prologicoh yeah :)09:25
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LyndsySimonprologic, pdurbin: I only lurk where I'm interested in the topic. In this case, I've not had the time to indulge in learning how to think in the way circuits demands to leverage it properly.15:16
LyndsySimonI'm still interested in doing so though, and in giving talks on the library at conferences.15:17
LyndsySimonI'm talking to my employer right now about trying to go and speak at PyCon India in October.15:17
pdurbinLyndsySimon: nice!15:20
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prologicLyndsySimon, nice!20:48
prologicI'd love to see that :)20:48

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