IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-07-25

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riotdid anyone consider delivering sphinx generated docs with the app's webserver? I'd like to embed them into the web app, so i have a real (sexy) help system12:27
riotwith sh*t like "click here and then somewhere else to get at the elements documentation12:27
rioti am looking at and am a tad scared12:28
pdurbinhuh. docs created on the fly12:47
riotnot necessarily. Actually i'd rather have it more tightly integrated into my angular frontend12:48
rioti'd rather have the body content only - so i can replace a view inside my app with that content12:48
riot(i could link in docs at all the appropriate places, e.g. a single glossary entry where it is needed)12:49
prologicriot, should be relatively easy12:51
riotnot soo sure12:53
prologicwhat's the impediment?12:53
rioti'm a) not sure i can get meaningful body content so easily, b) whether/how links/references would work c) how to integrate that cleanly into angular12:55
prologicyou're talking self-documting code right12:57
prologicwith a live help system?12:57
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riotsince people can't access it on high seas, i'd like to integrate this into the app:
riotesp. the yet-to-be-written-after-1.0 is done sailors manual13:18
prologicso I'd look at things like sphinx's apidoc13:22
prologicand docutils and pydoc itself13:22
prologicit's just no-one has written such a thihng (yet)13:22
prologicbut I know all the pieces are there13:23
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