IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-07-30

prologicthat's really nice00:49
prologicwell done00:50
prologicI'm quite impressed :)00:50
prologicand glad circuits helped you!00:50
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spaceonei migrated all my websites from my previous framework (SF + httoop) to circuits.http21:00
spaceoneit is slower21:00
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pdurbinspaceone: SF?21:17
spaceonepdurbin: space framework... this was the thing i developed before i knew circuits21:17
pdurbinah. ok21:17
spaceonewell, when i started to know circuits21:17
spaceoneit started with cherrypy21:17
pdurbinspaceone: did you make httoop too?21:18
spaceonehttoop is really really nice now :D21:18
spaceonei will make it python 3.5 ready sooon, as nedbat asked for it21:19
pdurbinI had lunch with nedbat not long ago.21:21
spaceone... i can't21:21
spaceoneto far away21:21
pdurbinfar enough for me that biking was better than walking21:23
spaceoneyou live near boston?21:24
spaceonehm, that performance thing is really not nice..21:30
spaceonei have to call the handler synchroously again21:30
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pdurbinspaceone: yeah. I live in Brookine and work in Cambridge21:33

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