IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2015-07-31

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prologicspaceone, have you profiled your code?01:55
prologicinterested to see where the slow downs are01:55
prologichi sysanthrope01:55
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spaceoneprologic: I'll be back at august 11 (holiday starts this evening), and will profile it then.08:10
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prologicspaceone, kk10:07
prologichave a nice break10:07
prologichi DrZippy10:07
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nyo_Hi, someone has experience with soldering SMD?12:04
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riotoh, look! await and async are coming!
riotoh boy, 3.5 will be niiiiice12:36
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prologicriot, I'm not really sure I like it :)23:08
prologicit's so C#23:08
prologicbut anyway23:08

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