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riothmm :)01:01
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prologicwell it is02:39
prologicI like what asyncio in Python 3 has done02:39
prologicwith the new yield from02:39
prologicbut async/away introduces new syntax to Python and new semantics02:39
prologicit will no longer be the Python we knew up to Python <= 3.402:39
Romsterhi prologic when do you think you can bump kdb i'd like to set it up in #winehq as a chanop bot and write some code to read text events store to database and make it manage autobanning some hosts that do quit (Excess Flood) like more than 20 times a day.08:50
Romsterand i want to redo all my mirc scrips stuff in kdb.08:50
Romsterfor excessive nick changes, flood protection.08:50
Romsterbe intersting if i can look at on join/quit/part nick change and channel messages.08:51
prologicI'll see if I can get it up to scratch tonight08:51
prologicstay tuned :)08:51
Romsterand redo my logic again in python.08:51
prologicshouldn't be too hard08:51
Romsteri had pretty good mirc scripting protection back in the 4-irc days. i'd like to nip these attacks we been getting lately.08:52
prologicsure nps08:52
prologicI'll work on it tonight08:52
prologicyou'll be up late?08:52
Romsterprobably iw as up all night last night to like 6am then slept for like uh 6 hours...08:53
Romsterso i guess i'll be up to 3am or something08:53
prologicthat's plenty :)08:53
prologicI should have it up and running well before then08:53
Romsteri got a bunch more crux stuff to do.08:53
Romsterkdb is nice be cool to get it going on my host.08:54
Romsterbut i can run it here for now in a docker instance.08:54
Romsterreally like docker08:55
Romsterso need to get a build bot for crux in docker going too.08:55
Romsteri've been busy and lazy to get that done.08:55
Romsteri really do want to get stuck into python a lot more.08:57
Romsteri'm done with shell and will use anything better.08:57
Romsterperl python Makefiles even in place of a small shell script.08:57
Romsterdon't think i'll eve touch ruby08:58
Romsterlooked at using tcl dunno if i'll dabble in some tcl stuff or not. but does look interesting.08:58
prologicnothing wrong with shell for the impls stuff09:05
prologicbut it's not much goo das a programming language :)09:05
Romsteryeah it's fine for quick and dirty file copies and stuff but i'm done with it for more advanced sutff09:06
Romsterat some point i want to setup circuits mod_wsgi to apache again and tempate my site and get it's data from a database.09:08
Romsternot quite like wiki. though being able to embed wiki in some pages or url be also good.09:08
prologicnot mod_wsgi09:08
prologicmod_proxy if you have to use apache09:08
prologicor nginx + uwsgi09:08
Romsteris mod_wsgi obsolete now?09:09
prologicit's lost favour with the community09:09
prologicand production setups09:09
prologicusually load balancing across proxied iinstances is easier/better09:09
prologicand less complicated09:09
Romsteri had a setup with mod_wsgi ciruits pytidy mako or was it clearsilver for my templates..09:09
prologicalternative use my autodock-pass setup09:10
Romsterdid look at that awhile ago.09:10
prologicif you like Docker you sshould use it09:10
prologicit's just enough to get going with hosting stuff in Docker09:10
prologicwithout all the complexity of large PaaS solutions like Flyn, Deis, Openshift, etc09:10
Romsteri basicly want to make my host editiable html or some syntax markup or something...09:10
Romsterand be able to make cool looking pages in a template language09:11
prologicokay made a bunch of commits to kdb just then09:11
prologicgonna go afk for a bit09:11
prologicbut shouldn't take me long when I get back09:11
Romsterok so it should work?09:11
Romsteror more work involved.09:11
Romsteri can wait i got things i'm doing.09:12
prologicbit more work09:12
prologicbunch of things it uses no longer supported in circuits09:12
prologicget autodock-paas setup :)09:12
prologicjust point a wildcard A record at your host09:12
Romsterhmm maybe looks into it.09:12
prologic* IN A a.b.c.d09:12
prologicthat's all you need then setup autodock-paas09:12
prologicand run instance with:09:13
prologicdocker run -e VIRTUALHOST=... user/image09:13
Romsterthen i can do wiki blog and other containers for each directory and sub domains.09:14
Romsteri have sub domains and about 10 dns names.09:14
prologicyou can quite literally do whatever you want :)09:27
Romster looks quite interesting for using in flood protection on slight variations of strings.09:28
Romsteryeah i like flexibility09:29
prologicI've already ported kdb to circuits 3.009:47
prologicquite a while back09:47
prologicI'll delete the github repo09:47
prologicand re-import it from bitbucket09:47
prologicand get it up in here and see what's left to fix/improve09:47
Romsteroh lol09:49
prologicit should already be capable of being run as a Docker container09:49
prologiclet's see if I can bring it in here09:49
Romsteri don't know why you arn't even using it.09:50
prologicnovelty's worn off :)09:51
Romstereh it could be used to show commits and stuff.09:51
pdurbinI realized the other day that I still have kdb in my /ignore list :)09:51
Romsteri got food cooking be semi here09:54
prologicit actaully can lol09:55
prologicit has LOTS of plugins09:55
prologicand git commits is one of them it can do09:55
prologicit just lacks a github webhoook feature09:55
prologicbut that's easily added09:55
prologicpdurbin, yeah well...09:55
prologickdb is actually quite a capable bot really09:55
prologicwith many features and highly extensible09:56
prologicthis is quite funny09:58
prologicI got kdb up-to-date with circuits 3.x a year ago09:58
prologicsorry Romster09:58
prologicyou could have been using it all this time :)09:58
prologicjust gonna quickly test out the current Docker image up on the Docker Hub09:58
prologicthen I'll update/improve a few other things and get it in locally09:59
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prologicthere we go10:23
prologicit does actually work from the Docker Hub as-is10:23
prologickdb, uptime10:23
prologickdb, help10:23
prologickdb, commands10:24
prologickdb, ircinfo10:24
prologicso few things to improve and mayhbe fix some other plugins10:24
prologickdb, load web10:24
prologicit's web interface works too10:25
prologicRomster, ping ^^^10:25
Romsteryeah just cooked myself dinner10:33
Romsterso it is up at ?10:34
prologicthat's the one10:35
prologicit's also online here right now10:35
prologicsee the web ui too10:35
prologickdb_is_awesome, commands10:35
prologicI'll fix/improve whatever I see and can10:35
prologicbut just file an issue for anything else you come across10:35
Romstercan it have a restriction of authorized users to only run commands an ACL list?10:35
Romsteri'll have a play after i'm done eating.10:37
prologicthe web ui?10:37
prologicno; it's completely open :)10:37
prologicsame as on IRC10:38
prologicbut file a feature request10:38
prologiclet's nut it out :)10:38
Romsteri mean all the module commands. being able ot add stuff like !ban or actually use ;ban10:38
Romsteri'll do some feature requests.10:38
Romsterrusty at python but all my experience at irc protection i remember the logic behind it.10:40
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Romsterkdb_is_awesome, commands10:59
Romsterall the stuff in the git tree says a year ago.11:01
Romster authored on 20 Aug 201411:01
prologicok back11:10
prologicin bed :)11:10
prologicRomster: yes that’s right11:10
prologicand most of it *should* work :)11:10
prologicI’m making more commits otnight11:10
prologickdb_is_awesome: uptime11:10
Romstercool ok11:15
prologichave you got an instance up yet? :P11:24
Romsternah got things i'm doing here.11:24
prologicpdurbin: would github webhooks into kdb be useful to you or anyone? you could then just have *one* but that does logging and notifications11:24
Romster$ docker build .11:29
RomsterSending build context to Docker daemon 2.431 MB11:29
RomsterSending build context to Docker daemon11:29
RomsterStep 0 : FROM prologic/crux-python11:29
RomsterPulling repository prologic/crux-python11:29
RomsterINFO[0004] Error: image prologic/crux-python:latest not found11:29
prologicoh no don’t try to rebuild the image just yet11:30
prologicjuse use the upstream one for now11:30
prologicdocker pull prologic/kdb11:30
prologicThat’s the first thing I’m fixing up :)11:30
prologicthe image building11:30
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prologicwhich I just fixed :)11:31
prologicpushing changes11:31
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Romsteri'm already getting the image.11:32
Romsteri'll spin that up and see how i go with making a module11:32
Romsteri'm gonna suck at this python stuff.11:32
pdurbinprologic: um, I'm not currently a kbd user so I dunno11:37
prologicahh but you *could* be :)11:39
pdurbinlooking at
pdurbinseems to do a lot11:41
Romsterit'll do more if i can write some11:41
pdurbinprologic: I have a Python question for you over at (or anyone, really)11:42
prologicpdurbin: I’ve also moved kdb to github11:48
prologicsimilar URI11:48
prologicRomster: image updated —>
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Romsterok i ran the CID line... tried to docker attach the container and ls and it hangs there.12:27
Romsteralso i need to make a ini file12:27
Romsterkdb, commands12:28
Romsterkdb, mstats12:28
Romsterkdb, join #hvlinux12:28
Romsterkdb, nick ICU212:30
prologichave fun :)12:30
prologicfile issues as you come across them12:31
prologicand feature requests and pull requests welcome :)12:31
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prologickdb, mstats12:43
prologickdb, mstats12:44
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Romsterhmm command's need to be restricted to the bot it's addressed too.12:58
Romsterimagine 100 of them in a channel and issue a command.12:58
prologicfile a bug :)12:59
prologicI might have broken that in the circuits 3.x port13:00
prologicit used to do that13:00
prologiconly respond when addressed to itself13:00
prologickdb, mstats13:00
Romstertotally need to go over it... so how can i attach to the docker container to then work on a module13:00
Romsterah i see it's the console output ofkdb in the docker attach13:01
prologicit is13:02
prologicthat's what "attach" does13:02
prologicI recommend you do "development" outside of Docker13:02
prologicand use Docker for integration, testing and deployments13:02
prologicthat being said13:02
prologicyou *could*13:02
prologicdocker exec -i -t <cid> /bin/bash13:02
Romsterwell in my images i set it to a shell and i do that in them13:02
prologicBut recommended (on the host):13:02
prologiccd /path/to/kdb13:02
prologicmkvirtualenv kdb13:02
prologicpip install -r requirements-dev.txt13:03
prologicpip install -e .13:03
prologicand start hacking13:03
prologickdb will be in the virtualenv's path after that13:03
Romsterah ok i'll do it that way to hack at it.13:03
prologickdb --help13:03
prologicand then:13:03
prologicdocker build -t prologic/kdb .13:03
prologicto rebuild the image for testing, etc13:03
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prologickdb, uptime13:08
kdbUptime: 0+0:0:20 (CPU: 0.37s 1.82%)13:08
prologicthat's better13:08
prologicnow let's fix the addressed bug13:08
prologicICU2, ircinfo13:09
prologickdb, ircinfo13:09
kdbI am kdb!kdb@e8156d2187d5 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:09
prologicthat's the bug13:10
Romsterwhere do i find the kdb.ini settings i can set?13:10
prologickdb --help13:11
kdbUnknown Command: --help13:11
prologicthey are one and the same13:11
prologicanything you can set via the cli13:11
prologicyou can set in a config file13:11
prologicor via env vars13:11
prologicthere is an order to which gets overridden by what13:11
prologicI believe it's13:11
prologicConfig File -> CLI Option(s) -> Enviornment13:12
Romsteri see13:12
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ICU2Hello kdb213:15
kdbHey kdb213:15
prologickdb2, ircinfo13:15
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:15
kdb2I am kdb2!kdb@daisy on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:15
prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:16
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:16
prologicfoobarbaz, ircinfo13:16
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kdbHello kdb_13:18
ICU2Yo kdb_13:18
prologickdb_, nick foobarbaz13:18
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:18
kdb_Unknown Command: _,13:18
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prologickdb2, ircinfo13:24
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:24
kdb2I am kdb2!kdb@daisy on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:24
prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:25
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:25
prologicfoobarbaz, ircinfo13:26
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prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:26
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:26
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prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:28
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:28
prologicfoobarbaz, ircinfo13:29
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prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:33
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:33
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prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:39
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:39
prologicfoobarbaz, ircinfo13:39
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prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:43
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:43
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prologickdb2, nick foobarbaz13:54
kdbUnknown Command: 2,13:54
prologicfoobarbaz, ircinfo13:54
foobarbazI am foobarbaz!kdb@daisy on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:54
prologicfoobarbaz, die13:54
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prologicRomster, you may want to either pull down the latest image13:55
prologicor rebuild13:55
prologicit'll be rebuilt upstream on Docker Hub shortly13:55
prologiccheck with docker pull13:55
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prologickdb, uptime13:56
kdbUptime: 0+0:0:39 (CPU: 0.44s 1.11%)13:56
prologickdb, mstats13:56
kdbMemory Usage: 63.48KB13:56
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kdbYo icu214:52
ICU2Heya icu214:52
*** Coldblackice has joined #circuits14:52
kdbHowdy coldblackice14:52
ICU2Hello coldblackice14:52
RomsterICU2, commands14:53
RomsterICU2, list14:53
RomsterICU2, help14:53
Romsterok then...14:53
RomsterICU2 help14:53
RomsterICU2 uptime14:53
Romsterkdb uptime14:54
kdbUptime: 0+0:58:15 (CPU: 10.03s 0.29%)14:54
ICU2Uptime: 0+0:3:39 (CPU: 2.89s 1.32%)14:54
RomsterICU2, nick ICU314:54
Romsterit still thinks it's kdb14:54
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kdbHowdy osso16:21
ICU2Yo osso16:21
OssoI saw a patch on the memory leak16:22
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kdbHeya romster20:10
ICU2Heya romster20:10
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