IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-08-02

prologicRomster, so I did fix that last night00:16
prologicbut did you remember to pull down the latest version00:16
prologicor rebuild?00:16
Romsteri pulled down the latest version03:38
Romsterfrom docker03:39
prologicwhat's the sha of the image?03:48
RomsterREPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE03:50
Romsterprologic/kdb        latest              b5f5ada7055c        14 hours ago        525.6 MB03:50
prologiclet's see03:51
prologickdb, version03:51
ICU2kdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2014 by James Mills03:51
Romsterweather plugin is also broken, but i don't really need that.03:51
prologickdb, ircinfo03:51
ICU2I am kdb!kdb@92eb5ae0041d on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown03:51
Romsterwhat is going on do i docker pull again03:52
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2014 by James Mills03:52
ICU2Unknown Command: [03:52
kdbUnknown Command: [03:52
kdbI am kdb!kdb@2730ef13508a on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown03:52
prologicoh there we go03:53
prologiclagged something cronic03:53
prologicdifferent servers03:53
prologicI need to include a build number don't i?03:54
prologicso we can determine what Git sha/build it is03:54
prologicnot necessarily the release version03:54
prologicok so same image sha as me I guess03:55
*** kdb has quit IRC03:55
*** kdb has joined #circuits03:59
prologickdb, uptime03:59
ICU2Uptime: 0+13:9:31 (CPU: 348.00s 0.73%)03:59
*** kdb has quit IRC04:00
Romstershould i just rm the image and pull it again04:00
Romsteri'm making coffee04:01
*** kdb has joined #circuits04:01
prologickdb, uptime04:01
ICU2Uptime: 0+13:11:13 (CPU: 348.85s 0.73%)04:01
*** kdb has quit IRC04:03
prologicI'm fixing it's matching logic04:05
*** kdb has joined #circuits04:05
prologicthe regex now looks like:04:05
prologic^@?<nick>[,: ]*(.*)$(?i)04:05
prologickdb, uptime04:05
ICU2Uptime: 0+13:15:26 (CPU: 350.91s 0.74%)04:05
*** kdb has quit IRC04:06
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prologickdb, uptime04:06
kdbUnknown Command: uptime04:06
ICU2Uptime: 0+13:16:29 (CPU: 351.43s 0.74%)04:06
prologickdb, commands04:07
kdbAll available commands: channels part join load rehash plugins reload unload status quit die ircinfo jump nick info commands help04:07
ICU2All available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload rlog google uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help status spell say hello channels part join host resolve weather timer sum eval rplugins status quit die ircinfo jump nick beat itime read rdel radd rlist04:07
prologickdb, status04:07
kdbIRC: Online04:07
ICU2IRC: Online04:07
ICU2Web: Online04:07
prologickdb, load stats04:09
kdbLoaded plugin: Stats04:09
ICU2Plugin stats already loaded!04:09
prologickdb, uptime04:09
kdbUptime: 0+0:0:3 (CPU: 0.35s 8.88%)04:09
ICU2Uptime: 0+13:19:9 (CPU: 352.84s 0.74%)04:09
prologicthat works04:09
prologickdb, nick foobarbaz04:09
prologicoops :P04:09
prologicfoobarbaz, uptime04:09
foobarbazUptime: 0+0:0:24 (CPU: 0.39s 1.59%)04:09
prologicfoobarbaz, ircinfo04:09
foobarbazI am foobarbaz!kdb@daisy on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown04:10
prologicso that's definitely fixed04:10
prologictakes a while for the Docker Hub to rebuidl the image though04:10
prologicso just git pull and run from there for now04:10
Romsterok 'm making pancakes and got fresh brewed coffee04:12
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prologic$ kdb --version04:24
prologichow's that? :)04:24
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prologickdb, version04:28
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev24+ng3b4db6d.d20150802 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2014 by James Mills04:28
ICU2_kdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2014 by James Mills04:28
kdbUnknown Command: [04:28
ICU2_Unknown Command: [04:28
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Romsteris that right for kdb.ini?04:40
Romstermeans i can then omit --name="ICU2" ?04:41
Romsteri was looking through to figure this out04:42
prologiclooks to be04:44
prologicsame as if you did04:44
prologickdb --channels="#foo,#bar"04:44
prologicDoes the README need a section on configuration?04:44
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prologickdb, version04:48
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev26+ng2cf3f19 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills04:48
prologic$ git rev-parse HEAD | head -c 704:52
prologicmatches the current git head sha04:52
prologiceasy to now see *exactly* what version is being run04:53
Romsteryeah the README could do with the config or even a kdb.ini.exampe file.04:56
Romstergit rev-parse --short HEAD04:57
RomsterInstead of outputting the full SHA-1 values of object names try to abbreviate them to a shorter unique name. When no length is specified 7 is used. The minimum length is 4.04:58
prologicwell there is a full example in etc/kdb.ini04:59
prologicyou did see that right?04:59
prologicbut I'll update the README04:59
Romsteruh no i missed that!05:00
prologiccan you add an issue so I can start logging everything against issues :)05:00
prologicyeah the version string is compirsed of a short sha hash05:00
Romsteryeah i will... i'm still getting used to this again05:00
prologicthis is how the version string is built now05:00
Romstercool what do you think of my stuff? think there be a big use for it?05:01
prologicif it makes it eaiser05:01
prologicI use Waffle boards for many of my projects now05:02
prologicwhich integrate nicely with Github05:02
prologicso you can do either/or or both05:02
prologicRomster, oh definitely; something that fetches new versions and normalizes them is very useful; that's the problem with standards; there are too many of them and often developers aren't very consistent :)05:03
Romsteryeah that's a pain but i am hoping semver and my work will make devs actually convert to a sane string.05:05
prologicsematnic versioning is the stadnard I accept05:11
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Romsterdoesn't seem to read the nick = line out of [globals]05:47
Romsterhmm nor the channels = ['#circuits', '#hvlinux']05:48
RomsterICU2, ircinfo05:50
ICU2I am ICU2!kdb@00318593658b on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown05:50
*** Osso has quit IRC05:52
prologicno it definitely does06:27
prologicI was using the config file last night06:27
prologichow are you doing this?06:27
prologichow are you running it?06:27
Romsteri only added them 3 lines06:30
Romsterand started it with CID=$(docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -v $(pwd)/etc:/etc/kdb prologic/kdb --config=/etc/kdb/kdb.ini)06:30
Romsterchannels = ['#circuits', '#hvlinux']06:31
Romsternick = 'ICU2'06:31
prologichmm ic06:31
Romsterthat is the right syntax for [ ] ?06:31
prologicand if you do06:31
prologicdocker exec $CID 'cat /etc/kdb/kdb.ini'06:31
prologicfor a list of channels ; yes06:32
Romster2015/08/02 06:32:04 docker-exec: failed to exec: exec: "cat /etc/kdb/kdb.ini": stat cat /etc/kdb/kdb.ini: no such file or directory06:32
Romsteruh ok...06:32
prologicwhat is your $(pwd) ?06:32
Romsteri have /etc/kdb/kdb.ini06:32
prologicthe -v bind mounts a volume06:32
prologicmaybe you need to fix the -v param?06:32
Romsteri used your example out of the readme..06:33
prologicahh right06:33
Romsterbut yeah i need to add -v06:33
prologicwhich assumes $(pwd) == /path/to/kdb/checkout06:33
prologicdoes that make sense?06:33
Romsteractaully $(pwd) is what?06:33
prologicI'll adjust the README to reflect that06:33
prologicSun Aug 02 16:36:2906:33
prologic$ pwd06:33
Romsterwhy not use $PWD06:34
prologicyou probably can06:34
prologic-v hostpath:containerpath06:34
prologicbust they must be absolute06:34
prologicyou *could* do also06:34
Romsterbut in my case my line is wrong.06:34
prologic-v $HOME/etc/kdb:/etc/kdb06:34
*** ICU2 has quit IRC06:34
prologicwrong assupmtions06:35
Romster-v /etc/kdb:/etc/kdb06:35
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits06:36
prologicthat'll work as long as the host path exists06:36
Romsterthere we go06:36
Romsterthat was dumb of me to not double check06:36
prologicall good :)06:37
*** kdb has joined #circuits06:48
kdbUptime: 0+0:0:57 (CPU: 0.41s 0.72%)06:49
prologicfixed broadcast plugin06:49
*** kdb has quit IRC06:49
RomsterICU2, ircinfo06:51
ICU2I am ICU2!kdb@37f2dcc54cca on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown06:51
Romsterwhy is it unknown06:52
Romsteryeah some work required06:52
Romsterok my web interface is not there now hmm06:53
Romsterguess i do really need to specify the settings for the web interface06:53
Romsterhmm real name and indent need to be configurable.06:54
prologicbug in parsing out the irc version info?06:55
Romsteri need to start messing in a virtual python setup and start writing modules06:55
prologicI think ident and real name are configurable06:56
prologicmaybe not06:56
prologicfile a feature request06:56
prologicand a bug for the otehr thing06:56
Romsteryeah time i do that.06:56
Romsterlets get this thing working. i like the idea it can take other circuits component's to do more things.06:57
Romsterlike if i managed to write a module for interfaceing to a usb port on a micro i could read/write data from real world devices like room temperature etc.06:58
RomsterICU2, commands06:58
ICU2All available commands: channels part join load rehash plugins reload unload status quit die ircinfo jump nick info commands help06:58
RomsterICU2, plugins06:59
ICU2Plugins: channels core irc help06:59
Romsteroh it was pruned06:59
prologicICU2, load broadcast06:59
ICU2Loaded plugin: Broadcast06:59
Romsteror maybe i needed specify extra modules06:59
prologicyou don't have my fixes yet07:00
Romsteri just updated this like not logn ago07:00
prologicwe *could* write a fuzzy command amtching pulgin07:00
prologicthat could get interesting07:00
*** ICU2 has quit IRC07:00
prologicupdated it again :)07:00
prologicI code fast :)07:01
Romsteri might try this out for a flood protection module.07:02
prologicthere's even a plugin called rplugins07:02
prologicthat lets users submit plugins to the bot07:02
prologicvia a web interface07:02
Romsteri do need a ACL system to restrict commands to like public or bot owner or admin/chanop/trusted07:03
prologicso you can code up and load plugins live07:03
Romsterto run what ever commands based on flags.07:03
prologicfeature request07:03
prologicneed to nut it out :)07:03
prologicagain it'll just be a plugin07:03
Romsteri'll have ban and quiet /modes in the bot for auto banning.07:03
prologicmost things are in fact07:03
Romsterhmm not sure if ACL can be a plugin as it may touch many modules?07:03
Romsteror can modules depend on other modules?07:04
Romsterthe only user comamnds i'll allow are some help info commands users can use to get some FAQ help.07:04
prologicof course it can be07:04
prologicit just needs to filter events07:05
Romsterand even then i'll add in flood protection so it can't be abused.07:05
Romsterah yes event based... means i can do many new things.07:05
prologicof course07:05
prologiccircuits and apps written in circuits07:05
prologicare much like UNIX07:05
prologicin that everything is a filter07:05
prologicand everything is treated as an event07:06
prologicmakes for a very powerful and flexible system07:06
Romsterwhat is the difference between a kdb module and a circuits component/module?07:06
Romsteri know you have channels in circuits you can listen too and a main broadcast channel for all events.07:07
Romsteri need to get up to speed on the design again.07:07
Romsteri'm barely a programmer more a hack bits together.07:07
Romsterpulling the image07:08
Romsterwhat i will do is figure out some hash database table so i can track users and ban list and quiet list and a trust number of how trusted they are to behave. those with more trust get more relaxed restrictions.07:12
Romsterthat way the bot wont be annoying.07:12
Romsterhow i used to do it in 4-irc days.07:12
Romsterand gave 3 warnings and it got meaner with more attempts to flood etc.07:13
Romsteras in time of bans.07:13
Romsteri can't do any oper stuff of course here but, i can make it keep the idiots out when under an attack and when it sees a mass flood it can +r and +m the channel, voice trusted users07:14
Romsterpretty much self managed07:14
Romsteri'l give chanops access to stop it if it's going crazy though. but i don't expect that to happen07:15
Romsterafter i've tested it.07:15
Romsterthen i can work on more fun things with kdb07:15
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits07:16
prologicRomster> what is the difference between a kdb module and a circuits component/module? <-- almost nothing07:16
prologicexcept you subclass kdb.plugin.BasePlugin07:16
prologicit's still a component though07:16
prologicif you remember a couple of important things07:17
Romsterso it's almost the same thing, only it's sub-classed to kdb07:17
prologicyou'll be able to build very powerful plugins07:17
prologicand a very powerful bot of your own07:17
prologiceverything that happens and should happen is an event07:18
prologicevents can and should be filtered07:18
prologicplugins just have access to a few extra things07:18
Romstera few extra things from kdb core?07:18
prologic0011: class BasePlugin(BaseComponent):07:19
prologic0013:     channel = "bot"07:19
prologic0015:     def init(self, bot, data, config):07:19
prologic0016: = bot07:19
prologic0017: = data07:19
prologic0018:         self.config = config07:19
prologicnamely a few functions in the Bot itself07:19
prologicwhich could itself be moved out to utility modules/functions07:19
prologicand the data/state and config07:19
Romsterso i can have an ACL plugin and have plugins use that07:23
Romsterlisten for messag join/part/quit nickchange events and act on them07:24
Romsterand filter only what i want to see.07:24
Romsterand figure out if i wanan sue sqlite3 or some other fast database table i can keep in memory and flush to disk every 30 seconds or so on changes.07:25
prologicyeap yeap yeap and yeap :)07:30
Romsterso much to figure out... i know circuits is very flexible this is why i am keen on kdb.07:31
RomsterICU2, uptime07:31
ICU2Unknown Command: uptime07:31
RomsterICU2, ircstats07:31
ICU2Unknown Command: ircstats07:31
RomsterICU2, commands07:31
ICU2All available commands: channels part join load rehash plugins reload unload status quit die ircinfo jump nick info commands help07:31
RomsterICU2, plugins07:31
ICU2Plugins: channels core irc help07:31
Romstercan i even list available plugins?07:32
RomsterICU2, plugins list07:32
ICU2Plugins: channels core irc help07:32
RomsterICU2, list plugins07:32
ICU2Unknown Command: list07:32
RomsterICU2, load ircstats07:32
ICU2Could not load plugin: ircstats Error: No module named ircstats07:32
RomsterICU2, ircinfo07:33
ICU2I am ICU2!kdb@37e51e4acecc on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown07:33
Romsteri'll start digging in the code soon07:34
Romsterand file bugs i find.07:34
prologicand feature requests07:36
prologicICU2, load stats07:36
ICU2Loaded plugin: Stats07:36
prologicICU2, uptime07:36
ICU2Uptime: 0+0:0:3 (CPU: 4.18s 138.04%)07:36
prologicthere is presently not way of displaying "available" plugins not yet "loaded"07:37
prologiccould be a new feature request07:37
Romstercan i make the bot do commands with talk?07:45
Romsterlike register it07:45
Romsterset a password it will identify to07:45
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kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev31+ngca91959 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills08:50
prologicSun Aug 02 18:54:5808:51
prologic$ git id08:51
kdbPlugins: channels google stats help xmlrpc core ctcp spell greeting rmessage broadcast dnstools weather swatch web eval timers rplugins irc hello rss08:51
prologic@help channels08:51
kdbChannel Management08:51
prologic@help stats08:51
kdbStatistics plugin08:51
kdb    Provides various statistical functions and information.08:51
kdb    Namely, network, uptime and error stats.08:51
kdb    See: commands stats08:51
prologic@commands channels08:51
kdbAvailable commands for channels: channels part join08:51
kdbNo command specified.08:51
prologic@channels list08:51
kdbStartup Join List: #circuits08:51
prologic@help channels08:52
kdbChannel Management08:52
prologic@commands channels08:52
kdbAvailable commands for channels: channels part join08:52
prologic@commands channels channels08:52
kdbAvailable commands for channels: channels part join08:52
kdbPlugins: channels google stats help xmlrpc core ctcp spell greeting rmessage broadcast dnstools weather swatch web eval timers rplugins irc hello rss08:56
prologic@commands core08:56
kdbAvailable commands for core: load rehash plugins reload unload08:56
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kdbYo osso08:56
*** kdb has quit IRC09:03
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kdbPlugins: channels google stats help xmlrpc core ctcp spell greeting rmessage broadcast dnstools weather swatch web eval timers rplugins irc hello rss09:06
prologic@google kdb09:06
kdbTotal results: 82400009:06
kdbTop 4 hits:09:06
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
prologic@spell foobar09:07
kdbfoobar is spelled correctly.09:07
kdbAll available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload google uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help rplugins status spell rlog channels part join host resolve weather timer sum eval beat itime status quit die ircinfo jump nick say hello read rdel radd rlist09:07
kdbERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/prologic/work/kdb/kdb.ini': ('rehash')09:07
*** kdb has quit IRC09:08
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prologic@load xmlrpc10:10
kdbPlugin xmlrpc already loaded!10:10
kdb<prologic@daisy> Hello World10:10
*** georgi has quit IRC10:12
RomsterICU2, load xmlrpc10:15
ICU2Loaded plugin: XMLRPC10:15
Romsterneeds a register identify to services. using SASL and SSL10:18
Romsterwhere are the plugins even?10:19
prologic@load jsonrpc10:20
kdbLoaded plugin: JSONRPC10:20
kdbUnknown Command: /plugins/10:22
prologicthere is an autoid plugin10:22
prologicfor identifying to nickserv10:22
kdb<prologic@daisy> Hello World10:22
kdb<prologic@daisy> Hello World10:22
prologicfile gh issues10:24
prologicI'm going to bed :)10:24
prologicmost things work10:24
Romsteri don't even have a plugins directory10:24
Romster$ ls10:24
Romsterbin    Dockerfilefabfile  requirements-dev.txt  setup.cfg10:24
RomsterCHANGES.rst    docskdb    requirements.txt    setup.py10:24
Romsterdocker-compose.yml  etcLICENSE  README.rst   rplugins    tests10:24
Romsterrplugins/10:25  __init__.py10:25
Romsterfor hello.10:25
prologicsilly man :P10:29
prologicthey don't come from nowhere :)10:29
prologicI'll be on my laptop10:29
prologicok back10:35
RomsterICU2, load autoid10:35
ICU2Loaded plugin: AutoID10:35
RomsterICU2, help autoid10:35
ICU2Automatic Identification10:35
Romsterand how do i use it..10:35
RomsterICU2, commands autoid10:36
ICU2ERROR: u'autoid': (u'commands autoid')10:36
Romsteri see plugins in ./docs/source/api/kdb.plugins.rst10:36
prologicignore the docs dir10:38
prologicthere isn’t a lot there :)10:38
prologicI think the help command could be improved10:38
prologicseems to only get the first line of the plugin’s dodstring10:38
prologiclemme see10:38
prologicit’s all documented there10:40
Romsterah sweet10:40
prologicOh I see what’s going on with the help command10:40
prologicand some plugins have poor help docstrings10:40
prologickdb: load autoid10:41
kdbLoaded plugin: AutoID10:41
prologic@help autoid10:41
kdbAutomatic Identification10:41
*** kdb has quit IRC10:41
Romsterah i see how it works.10:41
prologicgoing ot refactor all the help10:48
prologicso it’s more visible using the irc interface10:48
prologiclater I’ll modify the help command so that if the docstring is too big; it’ll truncate the help and link to a web interface version10:49
*** kdb has joined #circuits11:04
prologic@help autoid11:04
kdbNo help available for: autoid. To get a list of plugins, type: plugins11:04
prologic@help irc11:05
kdbIRC Support plugin11:05
kdb    Provides various general irc commands and support functions.11:05
kdb    eg: NICK, QUIT, etc11:05
kdb    See: commands irc11:05
prologic@load autoid11:05
kdbLoaded plugin: AutoID11:05
prologic@help autoid11:05
kdbAutomatic Identification11:05
kdb    This plugin automatically identifies the bot to services11:05
kdb    if it's nick is registered. The configuration is11:05
kdb    provided in the configuration file.11:05
kdb    The password is stored in the config file.11:05
kdb    The service nickname is stored in the config file.11:05
kdb    The login pattern is stored in the config file.11:05
kdb    Example::11:05
kdb        [autoid]11:05
kdb        nickserv = pronick11:05
kdb        pattern = .*registered nick.*login11:05
kdb        command = LOGIN {0:s}11:05
kdb        password = password11:05
prologicbit long11:05
kdbUptime: 0+0:1:4 (CPU: 0.45s 0.69%)11:05
prologicbut we’ll improve that later11:05
*** kdb has quit IRC11:05
prologicjust pushed that11:06
prologichopefully _all_ plugins have inbuilt help now11:06
*** kdb has joined #circuits11:09
prologic@info broadcast11:10
kdbbroadcast - Broadtcasting Support v0.1.0 by James Mills, prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au11:10
prologic@info autoid11:10
kdbNo info available for: autoid. To get a list of plugins, type: plugins11:10
prologic@info stats11:10
kdbstats - Statistics plugin v0.2.1 by James Mills, prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au11:10
*** kdb has quit IRC11:10
*** kdb has joined #circuits11:23
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev35+ngb4ff9aa by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills11:23
prologicI should probably make a new release version11:23
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kdbYo coldblackice15:23
*** ICU2 has quit IRC17:31
*** Romster has quit IRC17:32
*** Romster has joined #circuits17:34
kdbHi romster17:34
*** irclogger__ has joined #circuits19:10
kdbHey irclogger__19:10
*** FSX has joined #circuits19:11
kdbHeya fsx19:11
*** Guest9206 has joined #circuits19:11
kdbYo guest920619:11
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kdbHello prologic22:48

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