IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-08-03

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kdbHi icu202:53
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kdbYo an_ony_moose08:07
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RomsterERROR: ("Config error in section: 'autoid', option: 'nickserv', value: 'nickserv'. Config values must be valid Python.", 'TypeError', ("unrepr could not resolve the name 'nickserv'",)): (u'rehash')08:23
Romsterprologic, ^08:23
Romstercooking dinner08:23
prologicshow me your config file08:44
prologicthe error is pretty obvious :)08:44
prologicto me at least08:44
Romsternickserv = nickserv09:45
Romsterpattern = .*registered nick.*login09:45
Romstercommand = LOGIN {0:s}09:45
Romsterpassword = ofcourse09:45
Romsterhmm maybe command is totally wrong09:45
Romsterassumed it would work for freenode but maybe not.09:46
prologicthe builtin help is totally wrong ni that case09:49
prologicthose need to be quoted strings09:49
prologicI'll amend the docstring/help for autoid09:50
Romsterwellt he help is totally wrong and i'll submit a feature request for SASL09:50
prologicSASL auth eh?09:50
Romstersee just now in #hvlinux about that09:50
prologicI didn't know you could do that with NickServ?09:50
prologicDoes FreeNode actually implement this for NickServ?09:51
Romsternot sure i use SASL + SSL on hexchat and i'm here09:51
prologicyou're not talking about NickServ then09:52
Romsterat the ircd level09:52
prologicThis will have to be implemented first I think09:52
Romsterbut atm i'm just trying to get identified to services so i can go get a cloak09:52
prologicunless it's just straight SSL09:52
prologicwhich we can already do09:53
RomsterICU2, help autoid09:57
ICU2Automatic Identification09:57
ICU2    This plugin automatically identifies the bot to services09:57
ICU2    if it's nick is registered. The configuration is09:57
ICU2    provided in the configuration file.09:57
ICU2    The password is stored in the config file.09:57
ICU2    The service nickname is stored in the config file.09:57
ICU2    The login pattern is stored in the config file.09:57
ICU2    Example::09:57
ICU2        [autoid]09:57
ICU2        nickserv = pronick09:57
ICU2        pattern = .*registered nick.*login09:57
ICU2        command = LOGIN {0:s}09:57
ICU2        password = password09:57
prologicRomster, just reading the freenode docs on connecting over ssl09:57
prologicshouldn't be all that hard09:57
prologicfile a feature request09:57
prologicI think kdb can connect over SSL just fine09:57
prologicjust need to add a configuration parameter09:58
Romsterdoes kdb have a way to watchdog restart and get back on a server if it dies. like no ping/pong or text happening.10:50
prologicI believe so; yes10:51
prologicit *should* auto-reconnect10:51
prologicbut please be all means do some testing and file a bug if you observe different behaviour10:52
Romsteroh i'll be testing it.10:52
prologicpull the Ethernet out for a few mins10:53
prologicand plug it back in10:53
Romsteri might need a hand on a template for writing plugins.10:53
prologicsee it it reconnects?10:53
prologickdb, info hello10:53
kdbhello - Hello Plugin v0.0.1 by James Mills, prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au10:53
prologic^^^ template plugin10:53
Romsteroh it probably will but more so if the connection sits there open but no data.10:53
Romsterah yeah there is that.10:53
prologicmost things are already there :P10:54
prologicremember this particular bot/framework has been around for 10+ years10:54
Romsteryeah i just suck at it.10:54
prologicit's configurable used to be a lot more complicated10:54
Romsteryou managed to make it simpler.10:55
Romsteri'd rather get serous with kdb than setup a eggdrop10:55
prologiceggdrops were fun but boring10:57
prologicI think the way kdb is designed -- atop circuits makes maintainability much easier10:57
Romsteryeah and really are unmanageable.10:58
prologicas all the plugins are basically composeable10:58
Romsterand like i said i'd liek to get ircuits doing my web sites and i can probably chain multiple circuits together over some json protocol?10:58
prologicchain multiple circuits websites?10:59
Romsterwell if i run a few different sites and i want to share soem common data maybe or get stats on server logs fo a speffic site i can probably use kdb to grep for stats off each site in it's own VM11:00
Romsterand report... or even monitor that all the sites are online.11:00
prologicyou could do either/or or both11:01
prologicjust when you said "chain" I was thinking of something weird and different11:01
kdbIRC: Online11:02
kdbWeb: Online11:02
prologicICU2, status11:02
ICU2IRC: Online11:03
prologicyou don't have the web interface up :P11:03
prologicif/when we build some knid of acl/auth/perm plugin11:03
prologicthat will also apply to the web interface you realize :)11:03
prologicwe'll have to add a basicauth plugin11:04
prologicso we can auth web users too against the bot11:04
Romsteri've added a feature request for ACL and yeah that can include public/private areas of a site.11:04
prologicI've seen all your issues come in11:06
prologicdon't forget to comment/reply to my comments on them11:06
prologiclet's nut these out11:06
prologicI might build a basicauth plugin right now11:19
prologicfor the web interface11:19
prologicwith apache-style passwd file11:19
prologicand a cli tool to manage it11:19
prologicsound good?11:19
prologicthen maybe you'd be more comfortable spinning up the web interface? :)11:19
Romsteras long as it's got protection from being attacked.11:22
Romsteranother reason why i havne't loaded all the plugins is it's too noisy on flooding if you keep issuing the same commands.11:22
Romsterpart of the flood protection will be limiting how noisy the bot is in the channel.11:23
Romsterlike notice the user the help contents or in a query11:23
prologicand done11:34
prologictesting time11:34
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kdbHowdy kdb_11:35
prologickdb_, status11:35
kdbUnknown Command: _,11:35
kdb_IRC: Online11:35
kdb_Web: Online11:35
prologic$ kdb --config=etc/kdb.ini11:35
prologicLoading plugins...11:35
prologicCould not load plugin: BasicAuth Error: Basic Auth not configured! Missing: 'realm'11:35
prologicd'oh :)11:35
prologicuser error11:35
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Romsteri hope i am not taking your time away from more important things prologic11:39
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prologicnah :)11:40
prologicI do have other projects to work on11:40
prologicand a blog post to finish and associated tools11:40
prologicbut it's okay :)11:40
prologicthis is a good distraction for a few days11:40
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Romsteri'm gonna go make coffee then read comment12:01
prologicreally recommend you connect your Github account to Waffle :)12:18
prologicI'm ready to implement two new features12:18
prologicbut might go to bed and do them in bed maybe :)12:18
prologicpdurbin: see commit above12:22
prologicthis is the power and flexibility of circuits in action I suppose12:22
pdurbinbasic auth?12:25
prologicif you look carefully at the commit12:25
prologicnone of the existing code was modified12:25
prologica long time ago when we first added websockets to circuits.web someone commented on their blog that they simply could not believe we did this without changing a single line of code anywhere else12:26
Romsteri got one for you prologic not sure if it's doable.12:31
Romstertwitch has an API kinda like IRC ish but cut down. is it doable to make KDB connect there and work with its limited ban ignore commands.12:32
Romsteri am mod on a twitch stream and like to make a bot there too.12:33
Romsterthough right now i am interested in securing #winehq12:33
Romsterwaffle looks interesting12:34
prologicIs it actually IRC?12:36
Romsteri am not certain...12:36
Romsterlet me find the API12:36
Romster not sure if that is relevant.12:37
prologicCan you connect to it via an IRC Client?12:40
Romsteri think i can with a key that i would have to get.12:40
prologicif you can it’ll be easy12:41
RomsterAn OAuth token from API or from a site utilizing the API such as TwitchApps12:44
Romsterlists hexchat even so yes12:44
Romsterjust need a token12:44
Romsteri have the channel already and the guy is on live now12:45
Romsterit's flash so ...12:45
Romsterlivestreamer --hls-segment-threads 3 --hds-segment-threads 3 --ringbuffer-size 24M -p mpv best12:45
RomsterMost normal chat commands like /timeout, /ban, /clear are sent with periods in place of the forward slash. For example, to ban the user "xangold", you would send ".ban xangold" to the server (minus the quotes). Programs like mIRC will not work with unknown / commands (which is why you use a period.)12:48
prologicthen yeah it’ll be easy12:50
RomsterIf you send more than 20 commands or messages to the server within a 30 second period, you will get locked out for 8 hours automatically. These are not lifted so please be careful when working with IRC!12:50
Romsteri have to be careful12:50
RomsterMods can type 100 messages in a channel before hitting this rate limit12:50
Romsteri am mod so not so bad.12:50
Romsterlooks like i'd need to make an account just for the bots name though there.12:51
prologicand rate limit it12:51
prologicnew plugin!12:51
Romsterlol yeah12:52
Romstersee this is why i was looking at kdb12:52
Romsterdoesn't look too hard to get on twitch over irc.12:52
prologicRomster, can't do SSL atm13:04
prologicsee comments13:04
prologicI'll have a fix for this bug soon I guess13:04
Romsterno rush i really do want autoid to work though...13:05
Romsteranything i can do now to actually identify to freenode?13:05
prologicoh that should work as-is13:05
prologicjust a matter of getting the config right13:05
prologicthe regex might have changed over the years?13:06
Romsteri arn't sure.13:06
Romstercould you get kdb to work and then i can set my ini up right.13:07
Romsteri have already registered ICU213:07
Romstermay as well use my old bot name13:07
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prologicdo you get errors in the logs when it connects?13:08
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kdbHeya osso13:08
kdb_Hey osso13:08
prologicshuddup kdb :P13:08
Ossothere’s 2 now ><13:08
Romsterah how do i check... lol also that hello plugin is bad.13:08
prologicRomster, bad how?13:08
Romster3 but i don't have hellp loaded.13:09
Romsterit greets all the time than just randomly..13:09
OssoI am highlighted each time I come in the chan13:09
prologicyou mean geeeting :)13:09
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Romsterevery single time it highlights on join.13:09
Romsternot randomly after not seen for like a few hours13:09
prologicyeah you know why?13:09
prologicit's "memory" is not persistent13:09
prologicI'm thinking of swapping out the state13:10
prologicfor redislite13:10
Romsteror like when i talk then it could say hello if i was quiet for hours.13:10
prologicwhich is basically Redis but compiled as a Python C-extension13:10
prologicwhich you *could* also swap out for real Redis too13:10
Romstersounds interesting.13:10
Romsterhow do i deal with rebooting the bot and seeing the log from docker?13:10
prologicoh and yes; that too can be a plugin :)13:10
prologicyou're running ICU2 via Docker?13:11
Romstercircuits... everything is a plugin13:11
Romstercurrently yes13:11
Romsteri just haven't sat down to properly setup a virtualenv to work in.13:12
prologicdocker logs <container>13:12
Romsterok let me try13:12
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RomsterPython.", 'TypeError', ("unrepr could not resolve the name 'nickserv'",))13:15
Romsterok for starters how should that ini section look13:16
Romsteri need to ' ' all the strings too i guess13:16
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prologickdb_, ircinfo13:17
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:17
kdb_I am kdb_!kdb@daisy on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:17
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Romsterand why is that unknown.13:17
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prologicbug in parsing the numeric 00113:18
prologicthere is no consistent way to parse this out13:18
RomsterLoaded plugin: AutoID13:18
RomsterUnknown Command: this13:18
RomsterUnknown Command: [#circuits]13:18
prologicevery ircd is different13:18
prologicjust file a bug :)13:18
Romsterif i knew where that came from....13:18
prologicdon't worry about autoid for now13:19
prologicI'll test it and fix it if I find an issue13:19
prologicfile a bug re parsing of server and network name though13:19
Romsteryeah but i want to identify so i can get a cloak done for now.13:19
Romstercan i see raw server messages some how?13:22
prologicReal Name is configurable now13:23
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prologicraw servers message?13:23
prologicnot unless you run with debug and verbose13:24
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prologic--debug --verbose13:24
prologicdebug = True13:24
prologicverbose = True13:24
Romsterwell so i can find the server message for please identify13:24
prologicbut it's quite spewy13:24
prologicdon't run like this permanately13:24
Romsterautoid works better after i quoted the options in the ini13:24
prologicyes I suspected so13:24
prologicconfiguration file has to be valid Python13:24
RomsterICU2, help autoid13:25
ICU2Automatic Identification13:25
ICU2    This plugin automatically identifies the bot to services13:25
ICU2    if it's nick is registered. The configuration is13:25
ICU2    provided in the configuration file.13:25
ICU2    The password is stored in the config file.13:25
ICU2    The service nickname is stored in the config file.13:25
ICU2    The login pattern is stored in the config file.13:25
ICU2    Example::13:25
ICU2        [autoid]13:25
ICU2        nickserv = pronick13:25
ICU2        pattern = .*registered nick.*login13:25
ICU2        command = LOGIN {0:s}13:25
ICU2        password = password13:25
Romsteris wrong13:25
prologicI fixed it already13:25
Romsterwell 'nickserv'13:25
prologicyou're a bit behind :)13:25
Romsterah i do need to pull13:25
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prologic$ git id13:26
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev40+nga491c85 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills13:26
prologicI suspect you're way behind :)13:26
Romsterdocker pull prologic/kdb13:26
Romsterright now13:26
prologicI wonder if we can achieve graceful upgrades of a running container container13:27
prologicin this case kdb13:27
Romsteri could just git fetch and do it the old fasioned way13:27
prologicI'll have to think about that one13:27
prologicpdurbin, ideas? :)13:27
Romsteri've just been ripping it down and starting a new one.13:27
prologicyeah *can* also rebuild a local image too13:28
prologiccd /path/to/kdb13:28
prologicgit pull13:28
prologicdocker build -t prologic/kdb .13:28
prologicor even better13:28
prologicdocker-compose build13:28
prologicdocker-compose up -d13:28
prologicI included a docker-compose.yml in the repo13:28
Romsteri need to get up on virtualenv docker-compose and other methods.13:29
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kdbHowdy icu213:30
RomsterICU2, help autoid13:31
ICU2Automatic Identification13:31
ICU2    This plugin automatically identifies the bot to services13:31
ICU2    if it's nick is registered. The configuration is13:31
ICU2    provided in the configuration file.13:31
ICU2    The password is stored in the config file.13:31
ICU2    The service nickname is stored in the config file.13:31
ICU2    The login pattern is stored in the config file.13:31
ICU2    Example::13:31
ICU2        [autoid]13:31
ICU2        nickserv = "NickServ"13:31
ICU2        pattern = ".*registered nick.*login"13:31
ICU2        command = "LOGIN {0:s}"13:31
ICU2        password = "password"13:31
Romsterwhat does "LOGIN {0:s}"13:32
Romsteractually do?13:32
Romsterwe would need /msg NickServ identify password13:33
RomsterICU2, nick ICU313:33
ICU2-NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.13:34
Romsterok so i need to edit to get that line.13:34
Romsterpattern = ".*This nickname is registered.*identify via.*"13:35
Romsternot ideal but should do it.13:35
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Romsterhmm is it identified? i can't tell from /whois13:37
Romsternope /ns info ICU213:37
Romsteri think command is wrong...13:37
Romstercommand = "LOGIN {0:s}"13:38
prologicchange the regex to:13:41
prologic^This nickname is registered.*$13:41
prologicand the command to13:41
prologicIDENTIFY {0:s}13:41
prologickdb used to run on the ProLogiTech IRC network back in the day13:42
prologicand there used to be PIRCSrv IRC Services13:43
prologicProNick, ProChan, etc13:43
Romsterwas that coded in pascal?13:44
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prologicumm yes at one stage!13:44
prologicgood memory :)13:44
Romsterah yeah13:45
prologicmIRC -> Delphi -> Free Pascal then Python13:45
Romsteroh you did do it to python13:45
prologicI did :)13:45
Romsterhmm don't think it identified13:45
prologicdoesn't look like it13:46
prologiccheck that the event logs look like13:46
RomsterUnknown Command: invalid13:46
Romsteri tink i need to turn on debug int eh ini to see what's going on13:48
Romsteror just verbose = True13:48
prologicdebug = True13:49
prologicverbose = True13:49
prologicsee what it's sending13:49
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prologicand what it's receiving from NickServ13:49
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Romster<line[bot] (':NickServ!NickServ@services. NOTICE ICU2 :Invalid password for13:52
Romster<write[bot] ('PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY xxxxxxx\r\n' )>13:54
prologicis it right? :)13:54
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Romsteryeah password is right.13:59
Romstersorry i had to mod for a bit on twitch13:59
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Romster<request[bot] ("NOTICE NickServ :Unknown Command: this" )>14:03
Romsterwhat is that... think it's from autoid14:03
Romster<write[bot] ('NOTICE NickServ :Unknown Command: this\r\n' )>14:04
Romsteri don't' get this it's sending the right command to identify14:05
Romsterminus that weird other line that makes that error.14:05
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prologiclemme see14:07
Romster<read[bot] ('egistered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via \x02/msg NickServ identify <password>\x02.\r\n' )>14:08
Romsterwhats this the R is missing.14:08
Romster<notice[bot] ((u'NickServ', u'NickServ', u'services.'), u'ICU2', u'This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via \x02/msg NickServ identify <password>\x02.' )>14:08
prologicFixed the 2nd part of that14:08
prologicthe weird extraneous bit14:09
prologicmaybe try rebuilding and try again?14:09
prologicthe rest of it should work in theory14:09
Romsterjsut been pulling off docker14:09
prologicthat might take a while :)14:10
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prologicit's not instant the rebuilds on the Docker Hub14:10
Romsterok let me build it here...14:10
prologicbut just keep docker pull'n the image14:10
prologicand restart when it comes down14:10
prologicgit pull :)14:10
prologicdocker-compose build14:10
Romstergit fetch ; git rebase origin/master ; docker build prologic/kdb .14:10
prologicdocker-compose up -d14:10
prologicor docker-compose14:11
Romsteri don't think i even have docker-compose installed14:11
Romsterdocker: "build" requires 1 argument. See 'docker build --help'14:11
Romsteroh hmm14:11
Romsterneed a opton for the name eh14:12
Romster-t prologic/kdb14:12
Romsteri guess14:12
Romsteri know i am doing this the awkward way.14:13
prologicnah all good14:14
prologicmany ways to skin a cat14:14
prologicpip install docker-compose14:14
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kdbHello osso14:18
*** kdb has quit IRC14:19
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kdbHowdy coldblackice14:20
*** kdb has quit IRC14:21
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kdbHi icu214:27
Romster<line[bot] (':NickServ!NickServ@services. NOTICE ICU2 :Invalid password for \x02ICU2\x02.' )>14:28
prologicand it looks like it's right?14:29
prologicfrom the write event?14:29
Romsterand i am still getting that invalid line14:29
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*** kdb has quit IRC14:32
*** kdb has joined #circuits14:32
prologicworks perfectly here14:33
Romsterhaving a special char in my password wond do it prologic ?14:33
prologicwhat kind of special char?14:33
prologicshould be fine I guess14:33
prologicI get a bunch of crap from NickServ14:34
prologicbut that's because the two bots don't know how to communicate with each other14:34
prologicneed an ignore plugin :)14:34
prologicnew feature request!14:34
Romstertake a look over that.14:34
*** kdb has quit IRC14:34
Romsteri masked my password of course14:35
Romsteryou would think ICU2 be identifyed14:35
*** kdb has joined #circuits14:36
Romsteroh it can't be the nick prologic ?14:36
Romsterperhaps i don't change to ICU2 before password is sent?14:36
Romsteror not maybe that's the ident kdb14:36
Romster<request[bot] ("USER kdb d3d09b2c30ac :Knowledge Database Bot" )>14:37
Romsterbut it says USER14:37
Romsterline 3714:37
prologicreally wierd14:39
prologicall that says is invalid password14:39
prologicUSER has nothing to do with NickServ14:39
prologicit's part of the IRC protocool14:39
prologicUSEr ...14:39
prologicNICK ...14:39
Romsteryeah i figured that out after... slowly coming back to me irc stuff.14:40
Romster-NickServ- kdb is not registered.14:41
RomsterLast seen  : Aug 03 07:46:46 2015 (6h 54m 35s ago)14:41
Romsterfreaking hell hmm14:41
prologicI used /msg nickserc group14:43
prologicto group kdb into my account14:43
prologicthen did the autoid thing14:43
Romsterdid it work?14:43
prologic>nickserv< info kdb14:43
prologic[00:34:59] -NickServ- kdb is not registered.14:43
prologic[00:35:27] * You are now known as kdb14:43
prologic[00:35:32] >nickserv< group14:43
prologic[00:35:33] -NickServ- Nick kdb is now registered to your account.14:43
prologic[00:35:39] * You are now known as prologic14:43
prologic[00:37:04] * ChanServ gives voice to kdb14:43
prologic[00:37:04] -NickServ- kdb! has just authenticated as you (prologic)14:43
prologic[00:37:04] * gives voice to kdb14:43
prologic[00:37:04] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to kdb14:43
Romsterif yes can you like try a non kdb username?14:44
Romsteror that wont do a thing...14:44
Romsterwtf why me...14:44
prologicyou mean try a proper user/nick14:44
prologicnot a grouped one?14:44
Romsteryeah make a new account14:44
prologicsure hang on14:44
Romsterseparate from everything else.14:45
Romsteri did that for ICU214:45
Romsterso i can get a bot cloak once i identify.14:45
prologicI think I can just make kdb do it14:45
prologicvia json/xml rp14:45
*** kdb has quit IRC14:46
Romstercan i jsut manually feed a raw message in xmlrpc to the server?14:46
prologicyou could14:46
*** kdb has joined #circuits14:46
prologicbut that would suck every time :)14:46
Romsterjust to see if i can identify14:47
Romsterhow would i do this?14:47
RomsterICU2, load xmlrpc14:47
ICU2Loaded plugin: XMLRPC14:47
kdbPlugins: channels google stats help xmlrpc core ctcp spell greeting rmessage broadcast dnstools weather timers web eval swatch irc hello rss14:47
prologic@load jsonrpc14:47
kdbLoaded plugin: JSONRPC14:47
kdbPlugins: channels google stats help xmlrpc core ctcp spell greeting rmessage broadcast dnstools weather timers web eval jsonrpc swatch irc hello rss14:47
Romsterwhy do i not have @14:48
RomsterICU2, load jsonrpc14:48
ICU2Loaded plugin: JSONRPC14:48
prologicI think I flooed NickServ14:48
Romsternice one.14:48
prologicwhat was the quit msg?14:49
prologicRomster, broadcast gives you @14:49
Romsteri didn't see any quit message14:49
prologickdb, part14:49
kdbNo channel specified.14:49
RomsterICU2, load broadcast14:49
prologickdb, part #circuits14:49
*** kdb has left #circuits ()14:49
ICU2Loaded plugin: Broadcast14:49
ICU2All available commands: channels part join load rehash plugins reload unload status quit die ircinfo jump nick info commands help14:49
*** ICU2 has quit IRC14:50
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits14:53
*** kdb has joined #circuits14:57
Romsteri guess leave it for tonight...14:57
*** kdb has quit IRC14:58
prologichold up14:58
Romster<request[bot] ("NOTICE NickServ :Unknown Command: this" )>14:58
*** kdb has joined #circuits14:58
Romsterthat is the error i get back because of that.14:58
prologicI think that's unrelated14:59
Romsterand this is the first word of that regex match.14:59
prologicneed an ignore plugin14:59
prologicto ignore hosts, masks, etc14:59
prologice.g: ignore_hosts = ['service.*']14:59
*** kdb has quit IRC14:59
prologichelp if I enabled the plugin14:59
*** kdb has joined #circuits15:00
Romsterjust read u'NickServ', u'NickServ', u'services.'15:00
Romsterand ignore take action as per usual.15:00
Romsterah i loaded it15:00
Romsterplugins = ['channels', 'core', 'irc', 'help', 'autoid']15:01
prologic* [kdb] ( Knowledge Database Bot15:01
prologic[01:05:37] * [kdb] +#circuits15:01
prologic[01:05:37] * [kdb] :Budapest, HU, EU15:01
prologic[01:05:37] * [kdb] is logged in as kdb15:01
prologic[01:05:37] * [kdb] End of WHOIS list.15:01
prologicworks for me (tm)15:01
prologicshow me your config file15:01
Romsterthen what am i doing wrong...15:01
prologicshow me :)15:02
prologicconfig file15:02
*** kdb has quit IRC15:02
Romsteras basic as15:02
prologicbizzare indeed15:03
prologicsame as the sample15:03
prologicwhich I've been using15:03
Romstergit fetch ; git rebase origin/master ; docker build -t prologic/kdb .15:04
prologicis your password too long?15:04
RomsterCID=$(docker run -d -p 8001:8001 -v /etc/kdb:/etc/kdb prologic/kdb --config=/etc/kdb/kdb.ini)15:04
*** Coldblackice has quit IRC15:04
Romster10 chars15:04
Romsteri'd say it's short15:04
prologicme too15:04
Romsterdoes contain a &15:05
prologictry changing the password to something else15:05
Romsterest is alpha/numeric15:05
prologicit does identify fine with antoher client though?15:05
Romsterhmm let me try...15:05
RomsterICU2, nick ICU315:07
*** robert_ has joined #circuits15:07
*** robert_ has quit IRC15:07
*** robert_ has joined #circuits15:07
prologichi robert_ :)15:08
*** kdb has joined #circuits15:10
Romsterwhat i get invalid password.... wtf15:10
prologicoh dear15:10
Romsterah fuck i didn't capitalize a letter..15:10
prologicso PEBKAC? :)15:10
prologic@google PEBKAC15:11
kdbTotal results: 1900015:11
kdbTop 4 hits:15:11
kdb 1.
kdb 2.
kdb 3.
kdb 4.
kdbFor more results, see:
Romsterwhat a dickhead...15:11
*** ICU2_ has joined #circuits15:11
kdbHeya icu2_15:11
prologicwe've all done it :)15:11
Romsterhmm also need to incoprate release and ghost15:11
prologicnot sure how we'd automate that?15:12
RomsterICU2_, nick ICU215:12
prologicwhat id folks want to run kdb on a different network?15:12
prologicI think something like this would work better15:12
prologicautoreclaim - a plugin to automatically reclaim it's original nick15:13
Romsteryes now it's identified15:13
prologicregardless of whether or not it's regsitered15:13
prologicbecause I think you can ghost/release an account/nick that belongs to another account15:13
prologicas long as you know the password15:13
Romsteryeah that be cool becaue like efnet no services. it jsut keeps retrying15:13
Romsterbut in some caes you need /ns release nick pass or ghost nick pass15:14
prologicbut like I said15:14
prologicthat can be done by you15:14
Romsterbut that's dependent on what services are running15:14
prologicbe too hard to code up a generic plugin for kdb to work out hwo to ghost/release it's own nick15:14
prologicso I say just build autoreclaim15:15
Romsteractualyl i got a python script that does that now15:15
prologicand I just thought of another good one15:15
Romsterin hexchat at work15:15
prologictakeover -- a Plugin to take over a channel when it's opless15:15
Romsterfor workster15:15
Romsteranyways some filter is needed for that "this" just glad got to the bottom of PEBKAC15:18
prologicAdded #9 for that15:20
Romsterprologic, well i am glad kdb actually works15:20
Romsterbe good to get it up to speed and then i can use it for flood protection among other things.15:20
Romsterand you'll benefit the logic i remember from mirc days on 4-irc15:21
Romsterthat i did.15:21
Romsterso a useable plugin for who ever wants/needs15:21
Romsteryou could start a project page of plugins for kdb15:21
Romsterlike user made...15:21
Romsterimagine if kdb actually got used for real things. than collecting dust.15:22
Romsteralso you could turn irclogger__ into a plugin15:22
RomsterICU2, join #freenode15:23
ICU2Joining channel: #freenode15:23
Romstertime to get a cloak15:23
prologicit's already up to speed :)15:25
prologicgo nuts :)15:25
prologicirclogger into a plugin?15:25
prologicyeah See #1 and #215:25
*** Coldblackice has joined #circuits15:26
kdbHi coldblackice15:26
prologicAlso I *think* Facebook might be using kdb15:26
prologicor maybe circuits' examples/ircbot.py15:26
prologicnot 100% sure15:26
Romsterreally is that because....15:26
prologicokay bed time me thinks15:28
prologichave a think about some of those other issues we've commented on15:28
prologicespecially the ACL one15:28
prologicI'll code up an auth and register plugins tomorrow probably15:28
prologicwhich will help to support acls15:28
prologicbut I'm still not sure how acls will even work yet15:28
prologicRomster, you wanna code up #1015:30
prologicfor practice?15:30
prologicignore plugin15:30
Romsternot right now tired15:30
prologicno I mean tomorrow15:30
prologicI'll assign it to you :)15:31
Romster-_- see how i go15:33
prologicI added you as a contributor :)15:34
prologicyou're on the waffle board :)15:34
prologicquickly signup and let's play15:40
prologicI'll teach you how SCRUM Poker works for the 3 issues we have going tomorrow :)15:40
prologicperhaps though we should jsut buidl a plugin to kdb for scrum poker15:42
prologicso it can all be done on IRC :)15:42
prologicwe can do it tomorrow15:43
prologicI'm going to bed :)15:43
prologicsignup though :)15:43
prologicor we'll just build a plugin15:43
Romsteri'm going to bed maybe tomorrow.15:43
prologicpdurbin, fancy doing scrum poker online right ther ein your dev chatroom? :P15:43
*** Osso has quit IRC18:19
*** prologic has quit IRC19:43
*** Guest89964 has joined #circuits19:44
kdbHey guest8996419:44
*** Osso has joined #circuits20:31
kdbHey osso20:31
*** prologic has joined #circuits20:46
kdbHowdy prologic20:46
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