IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-08-05

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Romsterprologic, i fewlt terrible last night feeling better tonight if there is a task i can manage08:53
Romsterbut right now making coffee08:53
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Romsterping prologic09:32
prologicRomster, pong :)10:47
prologicmy old man is down atm10:48
prologicso I probably won't be doing anything tonight10:48
prologichowever you can write that ignore plugin10:48
prologicI'll pop in every now and again10:48
prologicuse hello as your starting point10:48
prologicand copy the on_message_or_notice event handler as an example of how to intercept messages10:48
prologicand then write some regex to ignore based on the source10:48
Romsterah ok sounds easy enough10:53
Romsterwhat things am i looking for to ignore?10:54
prologicno you're ignore users/bots10:58
Romsterah yeah got ya10:58
prologicso in this case ^.*[!].*[@]services\.$10:59
prologicfor example10:59
prologicbut the patterns should be a configurable list10:59
prologicuse any other plugin for examples of how to read config values10:59
prologice.g: autoid10:59
Romstertake your time, i have a few crux ports to take care of.11:29
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prologickdb_: load basicauth12:15
kdbUnknown Command: _:12:15
kdb_Could not load plugin: BasicAuth Error: Basic Auth not configured!12:15
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prologickdb_: loign admin admin12:21
kdb_Unknown Command: loign12:21
kdbUnknown Command: _:12:21
prologickdb_: login admin admin12:22
kdbUnknown Command: _:12:22
prologickdb_: logout12:22
kdbUnknown Command: _:12:22
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prologicJust saw this in my pypy feed22:02
prologicand recognized it :)22:02
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prologickdb, uptime22:13
kdbUnknown Command: uptime22:13
prologickdb, login admin admin22:13
prologickdb, whoami22:13
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prologickdb, login admin admin22:15
prologickdb, whoami22:15
kdbYou are prologic logged in as admin22:15
prologickdb, logout22:15
prologickdb, whoami22:15
kdbNo sessions(s) found.22:15
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riotprologic: yeah, i'm working on it.. buuusy :) looking for a usb gps. hard to come by in berlin, these days23:10
prologicahh right23:14
prologickeep up the good work ;)23:14
prologiclovely to see23:14

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