IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-08-09

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nickpancakeshey guys, I'm new to circuits, is there any way to find out what channel an handler is being fired from if it's set to handle on channel "*"?00:16
nickpancakesI legitimately have no clue how to get any information from a decorator like that.00:18
nickpancakesfigured out the channel that was firing by taking a closer look at my code, so scratch that entirely.00:28
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prologicmissed him :)10:26
prologicI've been helping my old man out with repairs around our home10:26
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riotis there a tool to check code for exception handler coverage?14:38
rioti know this could easily be done by checking the AST, but i don't wanna go there.14:38
riotand apparently, i need a way to shoot components and restart them... also a lot of memory debugging :(14:39
rioti just made sure, my clientmanager component is completely "try: except Exception as e:" wrapped (too broad?! wth..)14:40
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prologicriot, circuits.core.utils.kill()20:55
riothmmm, that doesn't exist21:04
prologichang on :)23:06
prologicgot moved to circuits.tools23:07

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