IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-08-10

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prologicRomster, hey09:26
prologicso you know kdb has an auth plugin now right?09:26
prologicnow just for web authentication09:26
prologicbut also for irc09:26
Romsterthe connection needs more work so it reconnects on it's own.09:36
Romsterafter network outage it seems to not retry.09:37
Romsterand i haven't done anymore yet09:37
prologicI noticed that09:43
prologicso I've added two new issues09:43
prologicreconnect and keepalive09:43
prologicI'll try to implement those tonight09:44
Romsterah nice.09:44
Romsteri need to do the flood plugin i need to learn this stuff09:44
prologicyou should try the ignore plugin first09:44
prologicsomething simpler :)09:44
Romsterah i meant ignore... then09:44
riothehe, i just implemented reconnect for my web client. Does it dhcp-like, with increasing timeout.10:25
prologicahh nice :)10:25
prologicI like that idea actually10:26
prologiccomment on
prologicand we'll do it for kdb :)10:26
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