IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-08-11

RomsterICU2, join #ICU202:53
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU202:53
prologicRomster, sorry02:57
prologicdidn't implement those plugins last night02:58
prologicI'll try tonight02:58
prologicwas trying to get some photos to my Dad02:58
prologicwithout using any 3rd party services02:58
*** Osso has joined #circuits07:43
Romsterbeen to busy to do anything with it yet08:11
Romsterprologic, also when ICU2 does connect it needs to identify before joining +r channels08:34
Romsterit does not even retry to connect to a channel if it failed to before identify08:34
Romsteri need to open a bug for that.08:34
Romsterbut i got food cooking atm08:34
prologicthat's not a bug08:42
prologicjust another plugin :)08:42
*** danishman has joined #circuits09:19
prologichi danishman09:19
Romsterhow many plugins will there be... yikes09:21
prologicas man as you want :)09:24
prologicthis is how extensible it is09:24
Romsterdo plugins have a dependency list of what it requires?09:37
prologicgood question09:38
prologicso far; no :)09:38
prologicideally though they shouldn't09:39
prologicthey either work or they don't09:39
prologictheir primary interface is events in the system09:39
Romsterright i was just thinking of like web and auth09:39
prologicit's like the UNIX and Linux world09:39
prologicgrep and find do not depend on each other09:39
prologicbut you can pipe the output of one into the input of the other09:40
prologicsame is true of circuits and components09:40
prologicor kdb plugins09:40
prologicif you enable the web plugin09:40
prologicyou'll get a web interface nito kdb09:40
prologicjust as you would via IRC09:40
prologicif you add the basicauth plugin you'll suddenly have to perform basic auth to get to the web interface09:40
prologicbut it'll also (now) provide LOGIN, LOGOUT, ADDUSEr, DELUSEr comands09:41
prologicand WHOAMI09:41
Romsterso basicauth has to be loaded to provide protection?09:41
prologicso there is no dependency per se09:41
prologicfor the web?09:41
prologiconly because it intercepts all web requests :)09:41
Romsterok then... security issue if you forget basicauth09:41
prologicnot relaly :)09:41
prologicuse problem :P09:41
prologicPEBKAC :P09:42
prologicthat's like saying09:42
prologicI forgot to write a htpasswd file09:42
prologicand turn on basic auth for a set of web resource sin Apacahe09:42
prologicsame thing :)09:42
prologicwe may also have more than one kind of auth plugin at some point09:42
Romsterso maybe a way to disallow unloading a plugin in the ini file? or restrict that to bot owner only09:42
prologicwe'll see :)09:42
Romsteri'm just thinking of poossile oops09:43
prologicthat's where the ACL *should* come in to play09:43
prologicwe need to flesh out the ideas of that more09:43
prologiceach plugin/component ideally needs to do one thing09:43
prologicand one thing only09:43
prologicand do it well09:43
prologicand be small and beautiful09:43
Romsteryes i want it locked down so tight that it's owner configurable.09:43
prologicand leverage off other components/libraries/plugins09:43
prologicand be open09:44
prologicthen we'll have to write that plugin :)09:44
prologicI'm not prepared to prototype it yet :)09:44
prologicI'm writing the reconnect plugin right now09:44
prologicjust finished identified09:44
RomsterUNIX way09:44
Romsteryeah so that makes it easy to extend09:45
prologicit sure does09:46
prologicit also makes any part of it easy to maintain09:46
prologicsince every part is so small09:46
prologicit also makes it highly reusable09:46
prologicalready I've written identified in ~5mins flat09:46
prologicby reusing most of autoid09:46
prologicI also just now write and am testing reconnect09:46
prologicby borrowing an entire Reconnector plugin from
prologicalmost as-is09:47
Romsteri like that idea of extended waiting time on failure09:47
prologicbut I've added an idea from ICU2 to have incrementing retry intervals09:47
Romstercould it be made to use any server in the dns table09:47
prologicthat'll have to be yet another plugin :)09:47
prologiclet's not get ahead of ourselves :P09:47
prologichacking on kdb for a while is actually quite fun09:48
Romsteri know but different servers and retrying09:48
prologicit reminds me why circuits is so great09:48
Romstershould get it on.09:48
prologicand it's not boring old web crap09:48
prologicthis is why circuits is so powerful09:48
*** kdb has joined #circuits09:49
prologicoh there we are09:49
prologickdb, errors09:49
kdbUnknown Command: errors09:49
prologicfu :P09:49
prologickdb, die09:49
*** kdb has quit IRC09:49
prologicoh ooops :)09:49
prologicif you tell it to die it ain't coming back09:50
*** kdb has joined #circuits09:50
prologickdb, errors09:50
kdbNo errors09:50
prologickdb, quit09:50
*** kdb has quit IRC09:50
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prologicwell that works nicely09:51
*** kdb has quit IRC09:52
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prologickdb, errors09:56
kdbNo errors09:56
prologickdb, quit09:56
*** kdb has quit IRC09:56
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prologickdb, quit09:58
*** kdb has quit IRC09:58
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prologickdb, quit10:00
*** kdb has quit IRC10:00
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*** kdb has quit IRC10:01
Romsteryeah die is to kill it10:02
prologicokay that's done10:02
prologicneeds some more testing though10:02
prologicRomster, can you test it a bit more?10:02
prologicit's on a separate branch10:02
Romsterquite possible10:03
prologicthere's two plugins I'd like you to test before I merge them10:04
prologicidentifyed and reconnect10:04
prologicshall I code up keepalive now too?10:04
prologicor would you like to have a crack at that?10:04
Romsterwell i have network dropouts so i can test them10:04
Romsteri need todo that ignore one10:05
prologicbasically you just need to borrow from ircnotiier again10:05
prologicthis'd be an easy one for you to get your teeth in to :)10:05
prologiccopy hello plugin10:05
prologicfew lines from ircnotifier10:05
prologicand voila10:05
prologica keepalive plugin10:06
Romstergot a few branches10:32
Romsterwhich should i try...10:32
prologicthat one is merged10:37
prologicit works pretty well10:37
prologictest out identified10:37
prologicand reconnect10:37
prologicwith identified you want to run with verbose = True and debug = True10:37
prologicand watched for an identified() event10:37
Romsteri see i just looked at the commits10:37
prologicconfig identified as per the example config10:37
prologicreconnect it just a matter of testing various permutations of dropping the bot's connect and seeing it if reconnects :)10:38
prologicit should also increase it's reconnect interval per successive failed attempt10:38
prologic5s, 10s, 15s, etc10:38
Romsterdoes it have a upper limit?10:38
prologicshould it?10:38
Romsterlike 2 hours or something?10:38
Romsteror longer but eh it wont eventually be a year to retry to connect lol10:39
Romsterwhat if net is off for like 2 hours how long does one wait for it to reconnect...then again can go on the web interface and trigger it to connect now.10:40
*** kdb has joined #circuits10:40
prologicand check it's status10:40
prologickdb, errors10:40
kdbNo errors10:40
prologicok let's see if this new webapi plugin works as advertised :)10:40
prologic$ curl -q -s -o - http://localhost:8000/api/uptime10:42
prologicUptime: 0+0:1:56 (CPU: 0.54s 0.47%)10:42
prologicWoW :)10:42
prologicI coded this up10:42
prologicand it works10:42
prologicno bugs, errors, etc10:42
prologic$ curl -q -s -o - http://localhost:8000/api/load/help10:42
prologicLoaded plugin: Help10:42
prologic$ curl -q -s -o - http://localhost:8000/api/commands10:42
prologicAll available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help status channels part join status quit die ircinfo jump nick10:42
prologicoh yeah :)10:43
*** kdb has quit IRC10:44
Romsterwhy did it quit10:44
prologicfinishing the POST method10:47
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*** kdb has quit IRC10:51
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RomsterICU2, version11:05
ICU2Unknown Command: version11:05
RomsterICU2, plugins11:05
ICU2Plugins: channels core irc help autoid11:05
RomsterICU2, load reconnect11:06
ICU2Loaded plugin: Reconnect11:06
RomsterICU2, help reconnect11:06
ICU2Reconnect Plugin11:06
ICU2    A plugin to automatically reconnect if the bot has11:06
ICU2    lost it's connection for whatever reason.11:06
ICU2    This plugin has no commands.11:06
Romsterso this auth stuff.11:06
*** kdb has joined #circuits11:07
RomsterICU2, load basicauth11:09
ICU2Could not load plugin: BasicAuth Error: Basic Auth not configured!11:09
RomsterICU2, help basicauth11:09
ICU2No help available for: basicauth. To get a list of plugins, type: plugins11:09
Romsteryeah that's an issue.11:09
prologiccan't get help on an unloaded plugin11:10
prologicread the source :)11:10
*** kdb has quit IRC11:10
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*** kdb has quit IRC11:12
prologicokay another one for you to test out :)11:15
prologicThere's 3 to test :)11:16
prologicignore and keepalive next I guess11:16
RomsterICU2, rehash11:21
ICU2ERROR: ("Config error in section: 'basicauth', option: 'passwd', value: '/etc/kdb/passwd'. Config values must be valid Python.", 'SyntaxError', ('invalid syntax', ('<unknown>', 1, 17, '__tempvalue__ = /etc/kdb/passwd\n'))): (u'rehash')11:21
Romsteri guess i needto add a user and a password as a hash to start off with.11:24
prologicyou do11:25
prologickdb-htpasswd -b -c -m passwd <user> <pass>11:25
prologiccurrently only md5 works for some reason11:26
prologicI'll file a bug with upstream circuits11:26
RomsterICU2, rehash11:31
ICU2ERROR: ("Config error in section: 'basicauth', option: 'passwd', value: '/etc/kdb/passwd'. Config values must be valid Python.", 'SyntaxError', ('invalid syntax', ('<unknown>', 1, 17, '__tempvalue__ = /etc/kdb/passwd\n'))): (u'rehash')11:31
RomsterICU2, rehash11:34
ICU2ERROR: ("Config error in section: 'basicauth', option: 'passwd', value: '/etc/kdb/passwd'. Config values must be valid Python.", 'SyntaxError', ('invalid syntax', ('<unknown>', 1, 17, '__tempvalue__ = /etc/kdb/passwd\n'))): (u'rehash')11:34
Romsterwhat the hell11:34
Romsteri generated the file i moved it to /etc/kdb/11:35
RomsterICU2, join #ICU211:37
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU211:37
Romsterwhy wont that parse.11:41
prologicshow us the config file?11:41
Romsterpasswd = /etc/kdb/passwd11:42
prologicyeah that's not right :)11:42
prologicmissing quotes11:42
prologicit's INI-style11:42
Romsterah for gods sake...11:42
prologicbut Python values11:42
prologicthat's so we can have lists of things11:42
prologicotherwise everything gets treaetd as plain strings11:42
prologicand parsing is required by anything that wants to rad the config values11:42
RomsterICU2, rehash11:42
ICU2Configuration reloaded.11:42
prologicI should fix the example configurations11:43
prologicyou're copying them blindly :)11:43
prologicfile a bug :)11:43
prologicI'll fix it after this11:43
RomsterICU2, load basicauth11:43
ICU2Loaded plugin: BasicAuth11:43
RomsterICU2, help basicauth11:43
ICU2Basic Auth Plugin11:43
ICU2    A simple Basic Auth Plugin that provides11:43
ICU2    user registration and authentication for11:43
ICU2    access to both Web and IRC interfaces.11:43
ICU2    Credentials are stored in an Apache-style11:43
ICU2    password file specified by the following11:43
ICU2    configuration:11:43
ICU2    [basicauth]11:43
ICU2    passwd = /path/to/passwd11:44
RomsterICU2, commands basicauth11:44
ICU2Available commands for basicauth: adduser deluser init logout login whoami11:44
RomsterICU2, basicauth whoami11:44
ICU2Unknown Command: basicauth11:44
RomsterICU2, whoami11:44
ICU2No sessions(s) found.11:44
RomsterICU2, whoami11:45
ICU2You are Romster logged in as Romster11:45
RomsterICU2, plugins11:46
ICU2Plugins: core help autoid basicauth channels reconnect irc11:49
*** kdb has joined #circuits11:53
prologicif you change your nick11:54
prologicyour session becomes invalid too11:54
prologickdb, errors11:55
kdbNo errors11:55
Romsterhmm so it should work no netmask11:56
*** kdb has quit IRC11:59
*** kdb has joined #circuits11:59
prologicit creates your session id based off of your identity12:00
prologicwithout doing a whois on you12:00
prologicso yeah your nick!ident@host12:00
prologicand creates a sha hash of that12:00
Romstergood luck on dynamic ips12:00
Romsterthough i am static and anyways have a cloak12:01
*** kdb has quit IRC12:02
*** kdb has joined #circuits12:03
prologicwell it'll work the same for dyamic ips12:03
*** kdb has quit IRC12:04
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*** kdb has quit IRC12:07
*** kdb has joined #circuits12:09
prologickdb, errors12:10
kdbNo errors12:10
prologickdb, uptime12:10
kdbUptime: 0+0:1:53 (CPU: 0.54s 0.47%)12:10
*** kdb has quit IRC12:11
prologiclogging works :)12:11
prologicanother one for you to test12:13
prologicchannel logging12:13
prologiclogging#1 branch12:13
Romsteri'm gonna power cycle my modem to get faster speeds. lets see if icu2 survives12:16
*** kdb has joined #circuits12:18
*** ICU2 has quit IRC12:19
*** kdb has quit IRC12:20
*** Romster has quit IRC12:20
*** prologic has quit IRC12:21
*** Guest56551 has joined #circuits12:22
*** prologic has joined #circuits12:23
prologicthat'd be right12:23
prologicmy bouncer gets booted12:23
*** Romster has joined #circuits12:37
Romsterwas off longer because i was doing things12:38
Romsterlets see if it comes back12:38
prologicit'll be up to some noumber of mins now12:39
Romstersee how fast hexchat connects.12:39
prologicgot event logging turned on?12:39
prologichas it tried already a few times?12:39
Romsterwhat was that command to see the docker log again?12:40
prologicdocker logs <cid>12:40
Romsterah i forgot the s12:40
Romster<privmsg[bot] ((u'Romster', u'~Romster', u'unaffiliated/romster'), u'#circuits', u"i'm gonna power cycle my modem to get faster speeds. lets see if icu2 survives" )>12:41
Romsterand that's it12:41
prologicahh really?12:41
prologicthen you need the keepalive plugin12:41
prologicwhich I just coded up12:41
prologicgo test that out separately :)12:41
prologicthe behavior should be something like this12:41
Romsterso when tcp dies the core exits the loop?12:42
prologiclast privmsg event12:42
prologicpull plug12:42
prologicthe next keepalive()12:42
prologicand write("\x00")12:42
prologicwill fail12:42
prologicand there should be a socket error12:42
prologicand disconnect12:42
prologicthat's the whole idea12:42
prologicwe try to write to the socket periodically12:42
Romsteri see12:42
prologicso see if that works :)12:42
prologicthen I can start merging stuff :)12:42
Romsterwell we don't need to write if you see pvtmsg12:43
Romsteror a ping you reply with a pong12:43
Romsterbut if no data is seen for awhile try writing to the socket.12:43
Romsteri notice busy ircds never send out a ping12:44
Romsteras it knows the client is there and working.12:44
Romsteronly does that when it's quiet in the channels it's in.12:44
prologiclemme know when any of those PR and new plugins are good to merge12:44
prologicor if any need tweaking12:44
prologicidentified, logging, reconnec,t keepalive12:44
prologicand webapi12:44
prologicunfortunately you'll have to12:44
Romsterhmm do i have to merge in two branches to test this12:44
prologicgit checkout <branch>12:44
prologicand test each one separately :)12:44
Romsterthink the bot died starts it12:45
Romsteractaully sending docker start $CID12:46
Romsterand nothing no new docker logs $CID12:47
Romsternow if i stop it and then start.. it'll get here12:47
Romsterdocker ps says it's running12:47
Romstercontainer is but the bot probably isn't?12:48
*** prologic has quit IRC12:51
*** Guest77585 has joined #circuits12:52
Romstert (Quit: ZNC -
Romster* Guest77585 ( has joined12:54
*** prologic has joined #circuits12:54
prologicstupid internet12:54
Romsterwhere the heck is abbernus and helson these days anyways12:55
prologicahh yeah12:56
prologicyou can merge branches to test things yourself12:56
prologicno longer on IRC12:56
prologicHellson I still see12:56
prologiche lives not far from me12:56
Romsterthat sad...12:56
prologicAbernus has moved on I believe12:56
prologiccan I merge anything yet? :)12:57
prologicor shall I just merge em all12:57
prologicand we'll fix bugs we find later :P12:57
Romstereh could just merge em all i guess...12:57
prologickk one tic12:57
Romsteri can build from git13:00
prologicAll merged and pushed13:01
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits13:03
*** ICU2 has quit IRC13:03
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits13:03
RomsterICU2, plugins13:04
ICU2Plugins: core help autoid basicauth channels reconnect irc13:04
RomsterICU2, load keepallived13:04
ICU2Could not load plugin: keepallived Error: No module named keepallived13:04
RomsterICU2, load keepallive13:04
ICU2Could not load plugin: keepallive Error: No module named keepallive13:04
Romsterman names13:04
RomsterICU2, load keepalive13:04
ICU2Loaded plugin: KeepAlive13:04
RomsterICU2, plugins13:05
ICU2Plugins: core help autoid basicauth channels reconnect irc keepalive13:05
*** kdb has joined #circuits13:05
*** kdb has quit IRC13:05
*** kdb has joined #circuits13:05
kdbNo errors13:05
RomsterICU2, errors13:05
kdbPlugins: google help autoid greeting channels identified weather reconnect keepalive web stats ctcp dnstools irc webapi core xmlrpc spell broadcast eval swatch rss logging basicauth rmessage timers hello13:05
ICU2Unknown Command: errors13:05
Romsteris that a plugin too13:05
RomsterICU2, load errors13:05
prologicstats plugin13:06
RomsterICU2, errors13:06
ICU2Unknown Command: errors13:06
prologichelps to have it loaded at bootup though :)13:06
RomsterICU2, load errors13:06
ICU2Could not load plugin: errors Error: No module named errors13:06
prologicit can't get stats retroactively :P13:06
prologicumm hello?13:07
RomsterICU2, commands13:07
Romsteruh ok...13:07
RomsterICU2, quit13:07
*** ICU2 has quit IRC13:07
prologicbloody hell13:08
prologicFreeNode is having issues13:08
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits13:08
*** ICU2 has quit IRC13:08
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits13:08
kdbYo icu213:08
Romsternot sure AntiSpamMeta isn't reporting lag13:08
RomsterICU2, errors13:08
ICU2Unknown Command: errors13:08
Romsteri got it loaded...13:09
Romsterplugins = ['errors', ...13:09
prologic$ curl -q -u admin -o -
prologicEnter host password for user 'admin':13:09
prologicUptime: 0+0:4:4 (CPU: 1.41s 0.58%)13:09
prologici responds quickly via it's web api13:09
prologicnot errors13:09
prologickdb, uptime13:09
prologicoh wow13:10
prologicthe lag from kdb is ridicoulous13:10
RomsterICU2, stats13:10
ICU2Unknown Command: stats13:10
Romsteroh stats gives taht command13:10
*** ICU2 has quit IRC13:11
*** kdb has quit IRC13:11
prologic$ curl -q -u admin -o -
prologicEnter host password for user 'admin':13:11
prologicJumping to chat.freenodenet:666713:11
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits13:11
*** ICU2 has quit IRC13:11
*** ICU2 has joined #circuits13:11
*** kdb has joined #circuits13:11
*** kdb has quit IRC13:11
*** kdb has joined #circuits13:11
prologickdb, errors13:11
kdbNo errors13:11
prologicthere we go13:11
kdbUptime: 0+0:6:37 (CPU: 2.01s 0.51%)13:11
kdbAll available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload google uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help status spell adduser deluser init logout login whoami rlog channels part join host resolve weather timer sum eval beat itime status quit die ircinfo jump nick say hello read rdel radd rlist13:11
RomsterICU2, stats13:12
prologicmuch better13:12
ICU2Unknown Command: stats13:12
RomsterICU2, errors13:12
ICU2No errors13:12
prologicone of FreeNode's servers is a bit screwy13:12
RomsterICU2, whoami13:12
Romsteryeah something is laggy13:12
Romsteri'm not seeing it though13:12
RomsterICU2, whoami13:12
ICU2You are Romster logged in as Romster13:12
RomsterICU2, whoami13:12
ICU2You are Romster logged in as Romster13:12
Romsterit missed one13:12
Romsteris that meant to happen13:12
RomsterICU2, whoami13:13
ICU2You are Romster logged in as Romster13:13
RomsterICU2, mstats13:13
RomsterICU2, mstats13:13
ICU2Memory Usage: 32.22KB13:13
RomsterICU2, ircstats13:13
ICU2Unknown Command: ircstats13:13
RomsterICU2, commands13:13
ICU2All available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help adduser deluser init logout login whoami channels part join status quit die ircinfo jump nick13:13
RomsterICU2, status13:14
ICU2IRC: Online13:14
RomsterICU2, ircinfo13:14
RomsterICU2, ircinfo13:14
ICU2I am ICU2!kdb@90262a851bc1 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:14
RomsterICU2, ircinfo13:14
ICU2I am ICU2!kdb@90262a851bc1 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown13:14
Romsteryeah something strange there.13:14
RomsterICU2, join #ICU213:15
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU213:15
Romsterok so the next thing would be to restrict commands like quit join part....13:15
Romsterwould basicauth be able to do that. if plugins had some sort of category for commands for bot owner. general user.13:16
Romsterclearly we don't want normal users running such commands.13:16
Romsterplus we need to look at all these plugins for any possible errors and see if it reconnects..13:17
Romsterdoing the reconnect test13:17
*** Romster has quit IRC13:19
*** Romster has joined #circuits13:19
Romsterhey the bot beat me back?13:19
RomsterICU2, whoami13:19
RomsterICU2, join #ICU213:20
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU213:20
RomsterICU2, join #ICU213:20
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU213:20
RomsterICU2, whoami13:20
ICU2You are Romster logged in as Romster13:21
Romsterok double commands for some off reason13:21
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:6 (CPU: 3.89s 0.40%)13:21
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:7 (CPU: 3.90s 0.40%)13:21
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:7 (CPU: 3.90s 0.40%)13:21
Romster<keepalive[*] ( )>13:21
Romster<write[bot] ('\x00' )>13:21
Romster<_write[bot] (<socket._socketobject object at 0x7fdab0bd4830> )>13:21
Romsterfirst run of a new command only13:21
Romsterand no logs after keepalive13:22
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:42 (CPU: 4.02s 0.40%)13:22
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:43 (CPU: 4.03s 0.40%)13:22
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:43 (CPU: 4.03s 0.40%)13:22
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:44 (CPU: 4.04s 0.40%)13:22
Romsterbut it's clearly here13:22
kdbUptime: 0+0:16:44 (CPU: 4.05s 0.40%)13:22
Romsterkdb, whoami13:22
Romsterkdb, whoami13:22
kdbNo sessions(s) found.13:22
prologicI'll have to look in to that later13:22
Romsterkdb, whoami13:22
kdbNo sessions(s) found.13:22
prologickdb, whoami13:22
kdbNo sessions(s) found.13:22
Romsterkdb, mstats13:22
kdbMemory Usage: 66.44KB13:22
Romsterthat worked.13:22
prologicwonder if that's a bg with coroutines13:23
Romsterkdb, ircstats13:23
kdbUnknown Command: ircstats13:23
kdbMemory Usage: 66.44KB13:23
Romsteryour on another plugin with @foo13:23
prologic@help broadcast13:24
kdb    This plugin provides support for listening to broadcast13:24
kdb    messages by listening for a certain pattern of message13:24
kdb    and performing some command or event on that.13:24
Romsterbut do it with kdb something13:26
Romsterand it'll miss parsing the command on the first go13:26
Romsterwell it didn't die at least13:28
prologicyeah as I said13:28
Romsterbut it wont log anymore13:28
prologiccould be a slight bug with coroutines13:28
prologicI'll check it out later13:28
Romsterdocker logs $CID is still at that.13:28
Romsteryeah it is getting late13:28
Romstergood progress though13:28
prologic@commands stats13:28
prologickdb, stats13:29
kdbUnknown Command: stats13:29
prologickdb, commands stats13:29
kdbAvailable commands for stats: uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats13:29
prologic@commands stats13:29
kdbUptime: 0+0:24:4 (CPU: 5.56s 0.38%)13:29
prologic@help uptime13:29
kdbDisplay current uptime and cpu usage13:29
kdb        Syntax: UPTIME13:29
RomsterICU2, uptime13:29
RomsterICU2, uptime13:29
ICU2Uptime: 0+0:18:25 (CPU: 4.19s 0.38%)13:29
prologicdo me a favour :P13:30
prologicstudy the event logs if you can13:30
prologicsee if you can work out what's going on there13:30
Romsterwith the missing commands13:30
prologickdb, events13:30
kdbEvents: 1871013:30
prologickdb, events13:30
prologickdb, events13:30
kdbEvents: 1884113:30
RomsterICU2, events13:30
RomsterICU2, events13:30
ICU2Events: 190213:30
RomsterICU2, events13:30
ICU2Events: 192113:30
RomsterICU2, events13:30
ICU2Events: 194013:30
prologickdb, graph13:30
Romsteri don't have graph loaded13:30
RomsterICU2, load graph13:32
ICU2Could not load plugin: graph Error: No module named graph13:32
Romsteryeah not under that name13:32
prologicit's part of stats13:32
prologickdb, inspect13:32
prologicthat's a bug hah13:32
prologickdb, nstats13:32
prologickdb, nstats13:32
kdbTraffic: 26.56KB / 3.77KB (30.32KB)13:32
prologickdb, nstats13:33
prologickdb, nstats13:33
kdbTraffic: 26.63KB / 3.82KB (30.45KB)13:33
kdbTraffic: 26.70KB / 3.88KB (30.58KB)13:33
*** danishman has quit IRC13:33
prologickdb, nstats13:33
prologickdb, nstats13:33
prologickdb, nstats13:33
kdbTraffic: 26.95KB / 3.99KB (30.93KB)13:33
kdbTraffic: 27.02KB / 4.04KB (31.06KB)13:33
RomsterICU2, nstats13:34
RomsterICU2, nstats13:34
ICU2Traffic: 20.11KB / 1.97KB (22.08KB)13:34
RomsterICU2, nstats13:34
ICU2Traffic: 20.18KB / 2.02KB (22.20KB)13:34
prologicthat's really odd13:35
prologicbecause I see the 3 events13:35
prologicbut only two responses here13:35
prologicis FreeNode doing some kind of rate limiting?13:35
prologicor some channel setting?13:35
prologic* Channel #circuits modes: +ctz13:36
Romsternot what i am aware of13:36
RomsterICU2, nstats13:38
RomsterICU2, nstats13:38
prologic$ for i in 1 2 3 4 5; do time curl -q -u admin:admin -o -; done13:38
prologicUptime: 0+0:32:45 (CPU: 7.34s 0.37%)13:38
prologicUptime: 0+0:32:45 (CPU: 7.35s 0.37%)13:38
RomsterICU2, nstats13:38
ICU2Traffic: 21.95KB / 2.19KB (24.14KB)13:38
prologicUptime: 0+0:32:45 (CPU: 7.35s 0.37%)13:38
prologicUptime: 0+0:32:46 (CPU: 7.36s 0.37%)13:38
Romster2 times it ignored me13:38
prologicUptime: 0+0:32:46 (CPU: 7.37s 0.37%)13:38
prologicI think it's something else13:38
prologicbecause the same mechanisms are at work via the webapi13:38
prologicand I can hit that repeatedly as fast as I like13:38
prologicwe need to fix the ircinof parsing13:39
prologic* [kdb] (~kdb@unaffiliated/prologic/bot/kdb): Knowledge Database Bot13:39
prologic[23:43:43] * [kdb] +#circuits13:39
prologic[23:43:43] * [kdb] :Vilnius, Lithuania, EU13:39
prologic[23:43:43] * [kdb] is logged in as kdb13:39
prologic[23:43:43] * [kdb] End of WHOIS list.13:39
prologicpretty far away from me13:39
prologicI think ctcp ping responses are a little weird13:40
prologic* Received a CTCP PING 1439250666975 from kdb13:40
prologic[23:44:28] * Ping reply from kdb: 1.893 second(s)13:40
prologic[23:44:29] * Ping reply from kdb: 2.289 second(s)13:40
prologic[23:44:35] <13:40
Romsterbot on another server than you?13:41
Romsteror me13:41
prologickdb is in EU13:41
prologicI'm in the US13:41
prologicso *meh*13:41
*** kdb has quit IRC13:46
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kdbHello prologic_14:05
*** prologic_ has left #circuits ()14:08
prologicokay I'm off to bed14:09
prologichave fun14:09
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prologicDocker 1.8 is out22:09
*** ninkotech has quit IRC22:22
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RomsterICU2, uptime22:36
RomsterICU2, uptime22:37
RomsterICU2, uptime22:38
ICU2Uptime: 0+8:44:29 (CPU: 84.00s 0.27%)22:38
RomsterICU2, uptime22:42
RomsterICU2, uptime22:42
RomsterICU2, uptime22:42
ICU2Uptime: 0+8:48:37 (CPU: 84.71s 0.27%)22:42
RomsterICU2, uptime22:42
ICU2Uptime: 0+8:48:40 (CPU: 84.73s 0.27%)22:42
RomsterICU2, uptime22:42
ICU2Uptime: 0+8:48:44 (CPU: 84.75s 0.27%)22:42
RomsterICU2, uptime22:46
RomsterICU2, uptime22:46
ICU2Uptime: 0+8:52:54 (CPU: 85.45s 0.27%)22:46

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