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RomsterICU2, uptime09:31
RomsterICU2, uptime09:31
ICU2Uptime: 2+19:37:40 (CPU: 643.56s 0.26%)09:31
RomsterICU2, join #ICU209:32
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU209:32
Romsterwhat the.... i told the bot to join a channel it hadn't...09:32
RomsterICU2, join #ICU209:32
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU209:32
RomsterICU2, join #ICU209:33
ICU2Joining channel: #ICU209:33
Romsternow it joined.09:33
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Romsterprologic, this is very strange... it's like the event isn't triggering the message to the ircd to do the command.09:33
prologiceven though it's being written09:58
prologicI can't quite work it out09:58
prologicI've never seen this behavior before :)09:58
spaceonewith the new code i get11:25
spaceone(SSLWantReadError(2, u'The operation did not complete (read) (_ssl.c:1750)'),)11:25
prologicnote with:
prologicyour original sample was a bit wonky :)11:29
prologicthere are still some small issues though11:29
prologicI've gotten both client/server to handshake properly11:29
prologicbut can't get a working test to pass for ssl/handshake11:29
spaceonebtw. handshake as event would still be a cool thing11:31
prologicyeah I thought about that last night11:32
prologicdecoupling/refactoring that out into a separate component and set of events11:33
prologicthen we can easily ass TLS/STARTTLS support to any app11:33
spaceonei still don't understand all the errors i get11:43
spaceone<error[www] (<ssl.SSLSocket object at 0x7f626ed91de8>, SSLError(1, u'[SSL: UNKNOWN_PROTOCOL] unknown protocol (_ssl.c:581)') )>11:43
spaceoneas a client it is not necessary to give a certfile right?11:44
spaceoneand where does it load its trusted CA's from? can i specify a CA-cert-file?11:44
prologicI think it uses whatever Python's std. lib uses11:46
prologicwe *could* make it configurable11:46
prologiclike we do with Server11:46
prologiccertfile, keyfile11:46
prologickdb, eval 2**1024**102411:54
prologickdb, uptime11:54
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kdbHi sdfgsdfg12:30
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sdfgsdfghi kdb14:22
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