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prologicRomster: ping11:42
Romsterprologic, pong11:49
prologicdid you see my earlier messages?11:49
prologicre that kdb issue11:50
prologicI cannot reproduce it on a local ircd11:50
prologicsomething is weird about FreeNode11:50
Romsteri read that yeah11:50
Romsterno idea what is going on.11:50
Romsteri'm thinking that too it's freenode. maybe setting up ircd seven to test is an idea... but they should be starting on a new ircd soon if not already11:51
prologicircd seven?11:52
Romsterthis is what freenode runs11:52
prologicThis is what I’m working on:
prologicalso completely pluggable11:52
prologicmuch like kdb’s architecture11:52
Romsterinteresting how many users verses resources could it handle?11:53
Romsteryou do realise i have a ton of ircd server ideas11:54
prologicI know :)11:54
prologicI was counting on it!11:54
Romsteralso i haven't yet but i want to get stuck into kdb11:55
Romsterthe keep alive works brilliantly11:55
Romsterjust need a pluginto gantee it joins channels it's meant to be on that are +r and it tries to join before it's identified.11:56
prologicoh ic11:57
prologicyeah plugin!11:57
prologicwrite an issue :)11:57
Romsteralso how do we go about the ACL or well simpleauth now to alter plugins to not let anyone use the commands. basically i want to make it only answer to me.11:58
Romsterso i can place it in a busy channel. write a plugin to get rid of a bunch of bots that do the same behavior and set a ban forward on them11:58
prologicI’ll prototype up an acl plugin this week ok? :)11:59
Romsterthere is a bot now that does this called eir but i'd like to implement it in kdb.11:59
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Romsterbasicly this crap12:00
Romstername fields is always = to user12:00
Romstercount mroe than 10 sendq and Excess Flood in a time period set a ban forward12:00
RomsterRomster sets ban on *!*$##not-a-honeypot12:01
Romsteri am manually doing this in #winehq now12:01
Romsterkeep a list of repeat offenders ip/mask remove bans after a week or when ban list approches 100= full.12:02
Romsterban on sight if they return and they have done the same crap more than 10 times over of 10 lines in say 20 minutes12:02
Romsteror 50 times in the last hour12:02
Romstersomething like that i can tweak the stuff as i go along.12:03
Romsterand yes i do sit in ##not-a-honeypot jsut to make sure i don't get legitimate users.12:03
Romster#winehq ban list is a mess now of darn bots12:04
Romsterreason i wanted to get ICU2 working again. and redo the protections then fun stuff can come after it's locked down and cleaning up the mess.12:04
Romsteri feel circuits is a better way than hacking on antispammeta and eir.12:05
Romsterand besides my 4-irc experience in mirc scripting i'd like to redo in plugins.12:06
Romsteronce i get my head around how plugins work i'll get dug in to it.12:09
prologicthe architecture of circuits and the kdb bot is itself definitely lends itself to easier and more flexible extensible12:17
prologicoops :)12:17
prologicthe architecture of circuits and the kdb bot is itself definitely easier and far more extensible!12:17
prologickdb, uptime13:45
kdbUptime: 1+12:22:37 (CPU: 434.89s 0.33%)13:45
prologicRomster, also another interesting thing13:45
prologicresponse times are much slower here on FreeNode13:45
prologicand if I ping kdb13:45
prologic* Received a CTCP PING 1439769373510 from kdb13:45
prologic[23:49:35] * Ping reply from kdb: 1.796 second(s)13:45
prologic[23:49:35] * Ping reply from kdb: 2.170 second(s)13:45
prologicI get two responses13:45
prologicbut again13:45
prologicI cannot reproduce this on any other ircd13:45
prologicor charla (my own)13:45
prologic/server 700013:46
prologiccome test it out?13:46
prologicRomster, ping ^^^13:50
Romsteri would love too but i am tired and doing other stuff.13:54
Romsteryou get double pings from 1 request?13:54
RomsterICU2, uptime13:55
RomsterICU2, uptime13:55
ICU2Uptime: 6+0:1:55 (CPU: 1336.97s 0.26%)13:55
prologicall good another time14:00
prologicI'm going to bed shortly too14:00
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prologicRomster, actually lol21:20
prologicI think I might have worked out that weird issue21:21
prologicI think it's the keepalive plugin that's causing it21:21
prologicRomster, could you please file a bug report this morning so I can fix it? :)21:21
prologicRomster, nevermind; created and working on it :)21:42
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prologickdb_, uptime21:51
kdbUnknown Command: _,21:51
kdb_Uptime: 0+0:0:28 (CPU: 0.17s 0.60%)21:51
prologickdb_, nick circuits21:51
kdbUnknown Command: _,21:51
prologiccircuits, uptime21:51
circuitsUptime: 0+0:0:45 (CPU: 0.21s 0.45%)21:51
prologiccircuits, ircinfo21:51
circuitsI am circuits!kdb@daisy on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown21:51
Romsteroh so you found it22:46
Romstergetting ready for work22:46
prologicRomster, I think so23:12
prologicmaybe :)23:12
prologictest it out with circuits here23:12
prologicit's a version of kdb that's got the patched keepalive plugin23:12
prologiccircuits, uptime23:12
circuitsUptime: 0+1:22:0 (CPU: 6.84s 0.14%)23:12
prologic* Received a CTCP PING 1439803077178079 from circuits23:16
prologic[09:11:18] * Ping reply from circuits: 1.61 second(s)23:16
prologic[09:11:19] * Ping reply from circuits: 2.01 second(s)23:16
prologic[09:11:19] * Ping reply from circuits: 2.21 second(s)23:16
prologicdidn't fix the CTCP PING though23:16
prologichow odd23:16
prologicworks fine on my own ircd23:16
prologichang on23:17
prologicthat might be Hexchat that's doing that23:17
prologiccircuits, uptime23:17
circuitsUptime: 0+1:26:55 (CPU: 7.26s 0.14%)23:17
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