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prologiccircuits, uptime01:52
circuitsUptime: 0+4:1:35 (CPU: 19.25s 0.13%)01:52
prologicWorkster, Romster tried out the circuits bot here yet to see if it exhibits the same behaviours?01:52
Romsternot had a chance to yet02:24
prologicfind a chance :)02:25
prologicI believe it is the fix02:25
prologicwanna get this over the line tonight02:25
Romsterthere food and soup, i'm that busy i get more jobs than i can keep up with02:38
Romsterso after work and weekends i'm beat02:39
prologicneed to build things or feactor your process to your more efficient :)02:44
prologicget more done with less02:44
prologicless is more :)02:44
Romsterbuilding that branch02:44
Romsterthis widnodws 10 is a pain02:44
Romsterhalf of them upgrades either break or wont run the program they need02:44
Romsterlike business programs02:44
Romsteroh yeah so broken that i can't roll it back... backup format install02:45
prologicyou're going to test against the fix/branch directly?02:45
prologicawesome :)02:45
Romsterrestore the documents.... where my programs? um need to install those again02:45
Romsterbut i don't have that disc or product key... well your stupid02:46
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RomsterICU2, commands02:47
ICU2All available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help adduser deluser init logout login whoami channels part join status quit die ircinfo jump nick02:47
RomsterICU2, whoami02:47
ICU2No sessions(s) found.02:47
RomsterICU2, whoami02:47
ICU2You are Romster logged in as Romster02:47
RomsterICU2, status02:48
ICU2IRC: Online02:48
RomsterICU2, version02:48
ICU2ICU2 [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev61+nga69260b by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills02:48
RomsterICU2, plugins02:48
ICU2Plugins: core stats help autoid basicauth channels reconnect irc keepalive02:48
RomsterICU2, uptime02:48
ICU2Uptime: 0+0:1:14 (CPU: 1.00s 1.34%)02:48
RomsterICU2, ircinfo02:48
ICU2I am ICU2!kdb@b924089210c6 on the Unknown IRC Network. Connected to Unknown Running version Unknown02:48
prologicso far so good?02:48
Romsterthat ircinfo needs fixing but that be for the ignore plugin that i need to do.02:48
Romsteryeah i think that's solved it02:49
prologickeep testing it a bit longer :)02:49
prologicI'll add in a LAG command tonight02:49
RomsterICU2, cstats02:49
ICU2Command Stats: 4/m Total: 10 Top 5: whoami:2 status:1 commands:1 ircinfo:1 uptime:102:49
RomsterICU2, cstats02:49
ICU2Command Stats: 5/m Total: 11 Top 5: whoami:2 cstats:2 status:1 commands:1 ircinfo:102:49
prologickeepalive now does a PING to the server02:49
prologicso it should be capable of knowing it's lag to the server02:49
Romsteroh.... i see what it might of been doing.02:49
prologicit was sending \x0002:49
prologicnull byte packates02:49
prologicwhich I think confuses irc servers02:49
prologicmy bad :)02:49
Romsterwith out the ping/pong event it'll miss sending a command02:50
prologicno no02:50
Romsteri knew there was a bug.02:50
prologicit responds to server PING02:50
prologicbut now keepalive sends PING(s) to the server02:50
prologicso compute lag time02:50
RomsterICU2, join #icu202:50
ICU2Joining channel: #icu202:50
prologicthere is a PING/PONG both ways02:50
prologicclient -> server (lag time)02:50
prologicserver -> client (are you there?)02:50
prologiclike the lag meter in HexChat02:50
prologicthat's what that does02:50
prologickdb now has the same feature too02:50
Romsterthe ircd at freenode must ignore the first message thinking it's a ping02:51
prologicit probably actually breaks the parser02:51
prologicand buffers it up instead02:51
prologiccausing the first one to be missed02:51
prologicthat's the behaviour I was seeing with charla too02:51
Romsterhmm makes sense02:51
prologicbecause I know how to write IRC daemons :)02:51
prologicI hacked on charla a bit last night too02:52
prologicadded more plugins02:52
Romstershould do the protocol isn't that advanced02:52
prologiccheckhost, hello and welcome02:52
Romsteryou know what you could do with multiple hosts with charla02:52
Romsterfire events to each instance of charla to send data directly than to hop though one end of a server link to the other.02:53
Romstermaking it a star topology02:53
Romsteri learned how ircd-seven works on floods.02:55
Romsterso that'll be handy.02:55
prologicI *could* do that even know02:56
prologicthe charla design is going to be distirbuted02:56
Romsterbut i am getting ahead of myself on server linking02:56
prologicat least that's the hope02:56
prologicso you could deploy any topology you want02:56
prologicI'll also try to avoid rssyncs as much as possible02:57
prologicby distributing the data too02:57
prologicso right now it actually uses redis to store all state02:57
Romstersure server linking module topology02:57
prologicwhich means the actual server can be moved to another host02:57
prologicwithout loosing it's state02:57
Romsterkeeping everything in sync with laggy connections and packet loss is the real challenge.02:57
Romsterare you thinking of spinning up shortcircuit irc again?02:58
Romsterthere are many irc networks out there but not many that drastically different.03:00
prologicI could03:03
prologicwould there be any interest?03:03
Romsteri dunno03:04
prologicif there's enough interst sure03:04
prologicI'd run it up again03:04
prologiccharla needs more work though03:04
prologicmany channel and user modes are missing/incomplete03:04
prologicand many oper commands aare non-existent03:04
prologicserver linking is not done yet either03:04
Romsterno point even consider that yet until it's more complete03:05
prologicyou'd only need most of  the basic stuff03:05
Romsterheading back to work... i'd say to merge in this branch though, feel free to test ICU203:05
prologicremember most users don't use even 10% of the features of an ICD server03:05
WorksterICU2, whoami03:16
ICU2No sessions(s) found.03:16
Worksteryeah because of my nick03:16
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prologichey Workster Romster09:11
prologicping me when you're around09:11
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prologiccircuits, uptime10:49
circuitsUptime: 0+0:0:49 (CPU: 0.20s 0.40%)10:49
prologiccircuits, commands10:49
circuitsAll available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help channels part join status quit die ircinfo jump nick lag10:49
prologiccircuits, lag10:49
circuitsERROR: float division by zero: (u'lag')10:49
prologiccircuits, lag10:49
circuitsERROR: float division by zero: (u'lag')10:49
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prologiccircuits, lag10:51
circuitsLag: 0.00ms 0.00ms 0.00ms10:51
prologiccircuits, lag10:53
circuitsLag: 0.00ms 0.00ms 0.00ms10:53
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prologiccircuits, lag10:55
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prologiccircuits, lag10:55
circuitsLag: 0.00ms 0.00ms 0.00ms10:55
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prologiccircuits, lag10:59
circuitsLag: 0ms 0ms 0ms10:59
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prologiccircuits, lag11:00
circuitsLag: 0ms 0ms 0ms11:00
prologiccircuits, lag11:01
circuitsLag: -14397519667973ms -14397519667973ms -14397519667973ms11:01
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prologiccircuits, lag11:03
circuitsLag: 0ms 0ms 0ms11:03
prologiccircuits, lag11:04
circuitsLag: -1438456230067ms -1438456230067ms -1438456230067ms11:04
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prologiccircuits: lag11:23
circuitsLag: 386ms 378ms 376ms11:23
prologiccircuits: lag11:26
circuitsLag: 372ms 371ms 370ms11:26
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prologiccircuits: lag11:29
circuitsLag: 371ms 370ms 370ms11:29
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prologiccircuits: die11:29
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prologickdb: uptime11:29
kdbUptime: 0+0:0:36 (CPU: 0.47s 1.28%)11:29
prologickdb: lag11:29
kdbLag: 0ms 0ms 0ms11:29
prologickdb: lag11:31
kdbLag: 375ms 375ms 375ms11:31
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kdbHi icu215:12
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kdbYo colbyn18:38
colbynkdb: hey18:38
kdbUnknown Command: hey18:38
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kdbHowdy coldblackice20:38
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kdbHeya workster21:50
prologickdb, lag22:02
kdbLag: 374ms 374ms 374ms22:02
prologickdb, lag23:43
kdbLag: 374ms 375ms 374ms23:43
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kdbHi koobs23:57

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