IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-08-19

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prologicRomster, ping?01:38
prologicneed some hardware advice01:38
prologickdb, lag03:12
kdbLag: 373ms 373ms 373ms03:12
prologickdb, lag05:44
kdbLag: 376ms 436ms 416ms05:44
prologickdb, uptime05:44
kdbUptime: 0+18:15:18 (CPU: 230.83s 0.35%)05:44
prologicICU2, lag05:44
ICU2Unknown Command: lag05:44
prologicICU2, uptime05:44
ICU2Uptime: 1+2:57:32 (CPU: 263.51s 0.27%)05:44
prologickdb, lag09:13
kdbLag: 379ms 377ms 376ms09:13
prologickdb, uptime09:13
kdbUptime: 0+21:44:19 (CPU: 273.59s 0.35%)09:13
prologickdb, mstats09:13
kdbMemory Usage: 57.80KB09:13
prologickdb, mstats09:14
kdbMemory Usage: 57.80KB09:14
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prologickdb, mstats09:34
kdbMemory Usage: 27.15MB09:34
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kdbHey coldblackice11:51
prologickdb, help logger12:49
kdbNo help available for: logger. To get a list of plugins, type: plugins12:49
prologickdb, load logger12:50
kdbCould not load plugin: logger Error: No module named logger12:50
prologickdb, help logging12:50
kdbLogging Plugin12:50
kdb    A logging plugin that logs any IRC Channels the bot12:50
kdb    happens to be on and writes logs of each channel to12:50
kdb    separate files with log rotation suitable for viewing12:50
kdb    and processing by log analysis tools or web interfaces.12:50
kdb    Configuration::12:50
kdb    [logging]12:50
kdb    logdir = '/tmp/kdb-logs'12:50
kdb    By default logs are stored in a logs directory in the12:50
kdb    current directory if no configuration is specified.12:50
kdb    There are no commands for this plugin.12:50
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kdbHowdy kdb_13:50
prologickdb_, load web13:51
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:51
kdb_Loaded plugin: Web13:51
prologickdb_, load webadmin13:51
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:51
kdb_Could not load plugin: webadmin Error: No module named plugin13:51
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prologickdb, load webadmin13:52
kdbCould not load plugin: webadmin Error: No module named webadmin13:52
prologickdb, load web13:52
kdbPlugin web already loaded!13:52
prologickdb_, load web13:53
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:53
kdb_Loaded plugin: Web13:53
prologickdb_, load webadmin13:53
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:53
kdb_Could not load plugin: webadmin Error: No module named plugin13:53
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prologickdb_, load web14:02
kdbUnknown Command: _,14:02
kdb_Loaded plugin: Web14:02
prologickdb_, load webadmin14:02
kdbUnknown Command: _,14:02
kdb_Loaded plugin: WebAdminPlugin14:02
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prologickdb_, load webadmin14:31
kdbUnknown Command: _,14:31
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prologickdb_, load webadmin14:32
kdbUnknown Command: _,14:32
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prologicbeen trying to get kdb to connect to freenode over ssl15:59
prologicusing the fix_ssl_handshake#114 branch of circuits16:00
prologicbut no go16:00
prologickeep getting the error:16:00
prologic<error[bot] (SSLWantReadError(2, u'The operation did not complete (read) (_ssl.c:1752)') )>16:00
prologic<disconnected[bot] ( )>16:00
prologiceven though the ssl handshake looks like it should have worked:16:01
prologic<connect[bot] ('', 6697, True )>16:01
prologic<connected[bot] ('', 6697 )>16:01
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kdbHey nizzox17:55
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spaceoneprologic: which python version?19:02
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kdbHeya robert_21:57
prologicspaceone, 2.7.9+21:59
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kdbHello workster23:29
Worksterkdb version23:37
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev62+ng4353733.d20150819 by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills23:37
WorksterICU2 version23:37
ICU2ICU2 [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev61+nga69260b by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills23:37
prologicRomster, hi23:38
Worksterhmm you could possibly put the url in the version plugin for the bots project page perhaps.23:39

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