IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-08-20

prologicWorkster, good idea :)00:02
prologicthanks :)00:02
prologickdb, uptime01:03
prologickdb, lag01:03
prologicICU2, uptime01:04
ICU2Uptime: 1+22:17:9 (CPU: 440.65s 0.26%)01:04
prologicICU2, lag01:04
ICU2Unknown Command: lag01:04
kdbUptime: 0+15:31:42 (CPU: 184.45s 0.33%)01:05
kdbLag: 244ms 257ms 9618ms01:05
prologickdb, lag01:05
kdbLag: 244ms 257ms 34468ms01:09
Workstercan i move to master when i get home, mege in that branch for keepalive01:17
WorksterICU2, status01:18
ICU2IRC: Online01:18
WorksterICU2, commands01:18
ICU2All available commands: load rehash plugins reload unload uptime errors mstats graph inspect version nstats events cstats info commands help adduser deluser init logout login whoami channels part join status quit die ircinfo jump nick say hello01:18
WorksterICU2, uptime01:18
ICU2Uptime: 1+22:31:28 (CPU: 443.12s 0.26%)01:18
WorksterICU2, nstats01:18
ICU2Traffic: 231.92KB / 67.50KB (299.42KB)01:18
WorksterICU2, say foo01:19
Worksterthat's good, i hope you get time for kdb circuits and a little helping me when you have moved.01:20
Worksteryou might end up being too busy01:20
*** Workster has quit IRC01:29
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kdbHeya qismrrgyenjgcjnw01:29
*** Workster has joined #circuits01:29
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kdbHowdy aylan01:56
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prologicWorkster, robert_ always bsuy05:34
prologicthat'll never change :)05:34
prologicbut there's always time to do things05:34
prologicI'll be home in a few hours05:34
prologicI think that branch is already in master05:35
prologiccheck the repo -> branches05:35
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prologickdb, lag08:51
kdbLag: 244ms 244ms 245ms08:51
Romsteri only just got home09:31
Romsterhaven't even ate yet09:32
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prologickdb, version09:47
kdbkdb [ Knowledge Database Bot ] v1.0.3.dev65+ng329c689 ( by James Mills - CopyRight (C) 2004-2015 by James Mills09:47
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kdbYo workster12:00
*** kdb_ has joined #circuits13:06
kdbHowdy kdb_13:06
prologickdb_, uptime13:06
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:06
kdb_Unknown Command: uptime13:06
prologickdb_, load stats13:06
kdbUnknown Command: _,13:06
kdb_Loaded plugin: Stats13:06
*** kdb_ has quit IRC13:06
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kdbHey circuits13:10
prologiccircuits, uptime13:10
circuitsAccess Denied!13:10
circuitsUptime: 0+0:0:21 (CPU: 0.15s 0.71%)13:10
*** circuits has quit IRC13:10
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prologiccircuits, uptime13:11
circuitsAccess Denied!13:11
prologicworld's simplest ACL13:11
prologicdeny all!13:11
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kdbHey y0no19:43
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kdbHeya coldblackice20:30

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