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spaceoneprologic: regarding namespacing: i don't experience problems using namespaces. Why should we use the workaround from flask?09:27
spaceoneif you don't like the code with pkgutil we could also say that if users want to use namespaces they must install pkg_resources09:28
prologicspaceone, I just want to understand more before we release 3.2 and make this permanent why Ronny and Pocoo and co (and Faslk) don't like or support namespaces09:45
prologicRonny has said to me in the past that it's fraught with problems/issues09:46
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kdbYo prologic_11:33
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prologic_circuits: uptime11:35
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prologic_circuits: uptime11:36
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prologic_circuits: uptime11:39
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spaceoneprologic_: the socket thing is still not complete11:45
spaceoneit seems the poller is still added too early11:45
spaceonei am getting SSL_WANT_READ errors11:45
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prologic_spaceone: yeah I know11:46
prologic_I haven't quite worked that out yet11:47
prologic_drizing me crazy :)11:47
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prologic_circuits: die11:47
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spaceoneprologic_: ah, i think i understand it. the poller is added when the socket is initialized. not when the done() callback is created11:48
spaceoneso the handling must be added there too11:48
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prologic_try it :)11:49
prologic_happy for you to complete this!11:49
prologic_I'm in bed ;P11:49
prologic_circuits: die11:49
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spaceoneprologic_: i've got a patch11:52
prologic_sweet! :)11:52
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prologic_circuits: die11:53
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prologic_event.stop() doesn't work with coroutines :/11:53
spaceoneyes ... :( !11:53
spaceonei experienced this in circuits.http11:54
spaceonei am checking manually for event.stopped11:54
prologic_kinda sucks11:54
prologic_but I can see why it doesn't work even without looking at the code of circuits/core11:55
prologic_ahh I see11:57
prologic_do we need similar logic for client too?11:57
spaceoneit is in client11:57
prologic_send pr I'll test it out :)11:57
spaceoneit is already PR11:57
prologic_didn't see any emails :)11:57
spaceoneyou can also merge it into your branch. it is against the fix_ssl_handshake branch11:58
spaceoneyou don't get mails for just new commits11:58
spaceoneexcept from that CI-bot11:58
prologic_kk nps12:01
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prologic_circuits: die12:01
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spaceonemaybe it is also required for server? didn't read the code. I need a setup to verify this.12:05
spaceoneI also dunno why the SSL handshake takes 2 seconds now12:06
prologic_oh? hmm12:07
prologic_ssl shoudnl't take long12:07
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prologic_circuits: whoami12:29
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prologic_circuits: whoami12:31
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spaceoneprologic_: we have 0 failing tests on master?12:38
spaceonein fix_ssl_handshake with my patch there are still 312 things failing12:39
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kdbWelcome back workster :)21:30
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