IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-08-23

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prologicRomster, hi00:53
prologicif you're around00:53
prologicwanna discuss something quickly00:53
Romsterprologic, sure00:55
prologicSo I basically want to get charla to a point where I can release it00:56
prologicand possibly even run a little IRC server/network00:56
prologicCould you help me work out the minimal set of features and commands (IRC commands) that need to be implemented?00:57
prologicminus the bells 'n whistles00:57
prologicServer linking can come later00:57
prologicAnd I think Oper/Admin functionality can come later too00:57
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Romsterwell channel modes like ops ban voice. and server side bans are the most important and topic01:12
Romsternick changing... and possibly services01:12
prologichang on :)01:25
prologicthat's too much01:25
prologicservices can wait01:25
prologicserver bans can wait too I think01:25
prologicbasic stuff01:25
prologicsee above issue01:25
prologicchannel modes I think should be at a minimum too01:26
prologicsupport +o and +b at a minimum01:26
prologicI think01:26
Romsterno ctcp in channel and topic protection01:26
prologicI forget what's n and t again? :)01:26
prologicjust +t I think01:26
prologicleave out +n for now01:26
prologicyeah help me come up with a bare minimjm set of features :)01:26
Romsterso just topic protection only ops can change topic01:27
Romsterand the numeric numbers on report modes on connect01:28
prologicOkay; updaetd
prologicadded Channel and User Modes01:29
prologicalso marked a few as being complete01:29
prologicthat can come later too01:29
Romsterserver opers01:30
prologicsince /oper will also come later01:30
prologickeep it basic :)01:30
prologicthink of the most basic / bare minimum things01:30
Romsteri think that list pretty much covers it01:31
prologicAdded Server Numeric section01:31
prologicyou'll have to help me nut that one out01:31
prologicI've forgotten a bit :)01:31
Romsteri haven't done it in ages.01:31
prologiccan some things on that list be removed you think?01:31
prologicis there anything that could be done later?01:31
Romsterinvite is annoying and rarely used.01:32
prologiclet's nuke that01:32
Romsteronly needed if +k channel mode with a key01:32
prologicsince we don't do +i at this point anyway01:32
prologica lot of "extra" functioanlity I want to do as plugins anyway01:32
Romsteror i01:32
prologicso this is why I want to kee pit at a minimum01:32
prologicI'll remove it01:32
prologiccan anything else go?01:32
Romsterwhat's PASS ?01:33
prologicif a server is password protected01:33
prologicthat can go too I think :)01:33
Romsteryeah not needed01:33
prologicnot really01:33
prologiccan be a plugin later01:33
prologicanything else?01:33
Romsterping/pong ?01:33
prologicthe less the better01:33
prologicas it'll be more useful01:33
Romsterhow does that work?01:33
prologicping/pong is done already01:33
prologicwe probably dnot' need WHOWAS ?01:34
prologicWHOIS is enough for an initial release01:34
Romsterthink that'll do for a start.01:34
Romsterwhowas is useful for a person that's already quit01:34
Romsterbut that could be a plugin too01:34
prologicit's just that it makes state/data management a bit more complex01:34
prologiclet's leave that for later01:35
prologicjust need to work out the required server numerics01:35
prologicwe already have 001 welcome01:35
prologicI think01:35
prologicbut the supported modes, etc01:35
prologicneed to work that out01:35
prologicbut the list looks good now01:35
prologicthanks :)01:35
Romsterthere might be others but there the most core ones.01:36
Romsteri'll have to look over the RFC again too.01:36
Romsterthere is also extensions on it for extra features.01:37
prologicwell if you can work out exactly what the server numerics need to be01:37
prologicand what format to output01:37
prologicthat'd be awesome :)01:37
Romstereasy enough turn on raw reading then connect01:38
Romsterraw log01:38
Romsterand reconnects01:38
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prologic$ echo -e "USER foo x x :foo\r\nNICK foo\r\n" | nc localhost 700001:38
prologic:localhost NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname...01:38
prologic:localhost NOTICE * :*** Found your hostname01:38
prologic:localhost 001 foo :Welcome to the Test IRC Network01:38
prologic:localhost 002 foo :Your host is localhost running ircd v0.1.dev48+n51a058001:38
prologic:localhost 422 foo :MOTD file is missing01:38
prologic:foo!foo@::ffff: JOIN #circuits01:38
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prologic:localhost 331 foo #circuits :No topic is set01:38
prologic:localhost 353 foo = #circuits :prologic kdb foo01:38
prologic:localhost 366 foo :End of NAMES list01:39
prologicSo you can see01:39
prologicwe do 001 and 002 already01:39
prologicnot 100% sure if they're correct though :)01:39
prologicAlso charla is also a Docker image too01:39
prologicif you want to you can:01:40
prologicdocker pull prologic/charla01:40
prologicdocker run -p 7000:7000 prologic/charla01:40
prologicyeah okay01:56
prologicso we need 001-005 really01:56
prologicwanna jump on 7000 for me?01:57
prologicsee if we can identify any bugs with what I've done so far01:57
prologicRomster, still about or busy today?02:32
Romsteri'm about to take a dog to the beach02:38
Romsteri'll be back later. i'm just helping a guy on twitch with a graphics driver problem02:38
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Romsteri'm back prologic06:04
prologicRomster, hey07:32
prologicjust going to have dinner shortly07:33
prologicwhile you were away I was working on User and Channel Modes07:33
prologicin the meantime it would be good if you could test out all the functinality that's tehre07:33
prologicfor expected behavior07:33
prologicRomster, I'm here08:23
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kdbWelcome back travis-ci :)11:27
travis-cicircuits/circuits#315 (master - 31ffed0 : James Mills): The build passed.11:27
travis-ciChange view :
travis-ciBuild details :
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prologicRomster, ping?12:34
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prologicRomster, morning?21:38
Romstermorning i don't have much time chat at work22:47
prologicRomster, all good22:49
prologicjust wondered where you got to las t night ;)22:49
prologicRomster, feel free to jump on /server 700022:50
prologicand help me do some testing of existing features22:50

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