IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-08-25

prologicbut it's a good idea to use six.u anyway00:13
prologicWorkster, jumping on the test/dev server today? :)00:14
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#324 (master - 06dd2cc : James Mills): The build is still failing.01:29
travis-ciChange view :
travis-ciBuild details :
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prologicSo we both don't ever forget how to do this properly :)01:49
prologicAny obvious errors/mistakes in that doc?01:49
prologicIf not; I'll publish it to Twitter :)01:49
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kdbHowdy koobs03:37
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kdbHello fsx08:33
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kdbHowdy osso12:11
prologicRomster, ping?12:33
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spaceoneprologic: do you know if i need to socket.close() if the connection is already closed by the other side(=server)18:09
spaceone(i dunno if there is any cleanup in close())18:09
spaceonei answered this myself in #python18:18
spaceonewow, nice →
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kdbHeya coldblackice_19:18
prologicspaceone, yes i think you have to .shutdown() at least21:18
prologicspaceone, ahh21:19
prologicyeah I'm in two minds about that21:19
prologicit changes the language significantly really21:19
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kdbHi workster23:07

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