IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-09-01

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kdbWelcome back coldblackice_ :)02:12
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kdbHeya robert_06:56
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kdbHi osso08:01
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kdbHowdy sysanthrope08:33
prologichi sysanthrope08:52
prologicwelcome :)08:52
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kdbHey fud09:54
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kdbHowdy romster13:30
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kdbHello coldblackice18:43
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kdbHeya spaceone19:35
spaceonekdb: shut up19:35
kdbUnknown Command: shut19:35
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prologickdb, unload greeting21:32
kdbUnloaded plugin: greeting21:32
prologicit's not that bad is it :P22:54
prologicyou could never use any of it's fun/fancy features if you /ignore it :)22:54
pdurbinprologic: does irclogger__ not log emotes? I don't see my /me at

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