IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-09-02

prologicit should00:28
prologicwhat's it not logging?00:29
pdurbinprologic: when I typed "/me tests again"00:31
prologiclemme have a look at the logs00:38
prologicseems a few Unicode bugs00:39
prologicand I'll fix the lack of logging actions00:39
prologicremind me tonight to fix it ok :)00:39
prologicI'll Dockerize it and move it off my US Codero server00:39
prologicI'm trying to migrate everything off that $100 USD/month box00:39
prologicpdurbin, I'll have to make the same fixes to kdb too that I make to irclogger01:00
prologicbut eventually I'd just like kdb to be logging things going forward01:01
pdurbinsounds good01:35
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pdurbinprologic: don't forget to fix logging so emoting is logged (/me)11:07
prologicyeah nps :)11:08
pdurbinwhat does "nps" mean anyway?11:22
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prologicnps == no problems12:22
pdurbinoh, plural. gotcha12:24
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