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kdbHowdy icu211:24
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kdbHeya loans16:18
loansprologic: i'm trying to set up kdb and running into something that seems odd16:21
prologicHi 😀16:23
loansthe error output is:16:23
loans  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pymetar==0.19 (from kdb) (from versions: 0.20)16:23
loansafter `pip install kdb`16:24
prologicTried the dev version!16:24
loansthat's `pip install kdb==dev` right?16:25
prologicOne on pypi is a bit old I think16:25
prologicYou can try 😀16:26
loansthat gives me:16:26
loans  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement kdb==dev (from versions: 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 0.9.0, 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2)16:26
prologicOtherwise docker run prologic/Kev16:26
loansi was hoping i could avoid dealing with docker16:27
prologicHang on...16:29
prologiccan't type faster enough on my iPad16:29
prologicmkvirtualenv kdb16:29
prologicpip install git+
prologicI think you also need:16:32
prologicpip install git+
prologicjust testing for you now :)16:32
loansi don't have whatever has `mkvirtualenv`16:32
prologicSorry but I haven't actually published a new version to PyPi yet :)16:32
loansi don't know anything about python16:32
loansor deploying python16:32
prologicdo you have virtualenv?16:32
prologicdo something like this then16:33
prologicvirtualenv kdb16:33
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kdbHowdy testkdb16:33
prologic. ./bin/activate16:33
prologicand then the above two commands16:33
prologicand you should be installed16:33
prologicthen what I did just now16:33
prologic$ kdb -n testkdb -c "#circuits" 666716:33
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loansso if something depends on a virtualenv16:34
loanshow can I manage it, e.g. with systemd16:35
loansoh this first thing failed hard16:35
loansthis may or may not be related to trying to do this on an arm arch16:37
prologicwith systemd?16:37
prologicyou just reference the bin/kdb16:37
prologicin *that* virtualenv16:37
prologicusing the full absolute path16:37
prologicsome plugins that rely on 3rd party libraries may not work on ARM :)16:38
prologicI haven't tested on ARM tbqh16:38
loansthat first pip install git+ failed16:38
prologicbut worse case ignore installing that dependency16:38
prologickdb only needs circuits16:38
kdbUnknown Command: only16:38
prologicfailed with?16:38
loansi can get the whole log it dumped but it'll take a second16:39
prologicfull output?16:40
prologicbit hard to tell from that16:40
prologicyou do not have the python development headers installed16:42
prologicpython-dev or python-devel16:42
prologicthat's trying to install procname16:43
prologicshould be easy to fix16:43
prologicwhat distro?16:43
loansubuntu something i think16:44
loansgrabbedp ython-dev16:44
prologicsudo apt-get  update; sudo apt-get install  python-dev -y16:44
prologicoften many 3rd party libraries will have C-exntesions16:45
prologicthat need the Python C headers to compile agianst16:45
prologice.g: procname16:45
loansyeah it's complaining less now16:46
prologicthat's one reason why circuits itself does not have any 3rd party dependencies (pure Python)16:46
prologicwhat's next?16:46
loansi think this is stupid old ubuntu with systemd, so me complaining about canonical probably16:46
prologicmost likely :)16:46
loans'next' i want to turn on logging and dump it in /var/www/ or whatever16:46
prologicand systemd sucks anyway16:46
prologicahh yeap16:47
prologicso go grab the sample config16:47
prologichave you got it running successfully already?16:47
prologic@help logging16:48
kdbLogging Plugin16:48
kdb    A logging plugin that logs any IRC Channels the bot16:48
kdb    happens to be on and writes logs of each channel to16:48
kdb    separate files with log rotation suitable for viewing16:48
kdb    and processing by log analysis tools or web interfaces.16:48
kdb    Configuration::16:48
kdb    [logging]16:48
kdb    logdir = '/tmp/kdb-logs'16:48
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kdb    By default logs are stored in a logs directory in the16:48
kdb    current directory if no configuration is specified.16:48
kdb    There are no commands for this plugin.16:48
kdbYo kdb_16:48
prologicyou do :) awesome16:48
prologicAlso see above16:48
prologicyou'll need at a minimum the above to configure the logging plugin16:48
prologicand add it to the plugins list in global16:49
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kdbYo kdb_ps16:51
prologickdb also has a builtin web interface and web server16:53
kdbUnknown Command: also16:53
prologicso if you configure the logdir to be where it's static files are you'll get automagic serving of the logs :)16:53
prologic-but- maybe this could be improved16:53
loansif that's the case i'm gonna ditch ubuntu entirely16:53
loansit was just a random lemp stack image16:53
prologicand also has an API16:54
prologicyeah it has it's own web server and ui16:54
prologicand api16:54
loansdoes it serve static html-ish logs16:54
prologicnot atm; no16:54
loansthat's what i need16:54
prologicthe logs are stored in raw form16:54
prologicbut there is a script I use called irclog2html16:54
prologicpip install irclog2html16:55
prologicwhich I just run periodically via cron16:55
loanscan it just serve up the text logs?16:55
loansthat's enough for me16:55
prologicoh yes16:55
prologicit can :)16:55
prologicd'uh :)16:55
loansdo you have an example of that you can link?16:55
prologicI might make this a bit easier16:56
prologicgimme ~2mins :)16:56
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prologicloans, ^^^17:13
prologicthere we go17:13
prologicand dir listing:
prologicit's not pretty but it'll do :)17:13
loansthat's pretty much all i want17:14
prologicloans, I've just committed and pushed this change:
prologicenjoy :)17:14
prologicif you installed as per the abvoe17:15
prologicpip install -e git+https:/...17:15
prologicthen just do the same with a -U in there too17:15
prologicor better yet17:15
prologicclone the repo17:15
prologicand pip install -r requirements.txt17:16
prologicbtw I can (or you can if you'd like to have a crack at it!) write a plugin for
prologicbut it's ~3:21am so maybe tomorrow :)17:16
loansi avoid writing python17:17
loansthanks for your help17:17
loansthe need for web-published logs stems from some organizational drama17:17
loansand it's surprising how few all-in-one solutions there are17:17
loansthat aren't in perl17:17
prologicyeah kdb is quite extensible in that respect17:17
prologicwe add plugins every other day17:18
loansand since we don't currently publish logs, making them public is a significant cultural shift17:18
loansso i just want to drop something behind nginx doing http auths against ldap17:18
loansfor a quick and dirty solution that doesn't piss everyone off17:18
prologicsounds like fun!17:19
loansmiles from it17:19
prologicglad my software could help all the same17:19
loansit looks like it'll do the trick17:20
prologicsweet :)17:20
prologiclemme know if I can hack anything else into it for you guys17:20
loanswill do, thanks17:20
prologicthat "serve up raw logs" easy easy17:20
prologic1 liner haha17:20
prologicmight quickly update it's help while I remember17:21
prologicokay I'm going back to bed then17:22
prologicif that's working nicely for you17:22
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kdbHeya kdb_19:30
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loansin a general sense, how does kdb handle disconnects? I've used ii for bots before, and it does not do that at all19:34
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kdbHowdy coldblackice20:07
prologicloans, load/enable the keepalive and reconnect plugins21:08
prologicput them in the config too21:08
loansah, so that was a good question to ask21:08
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prologicHah yeah 😀22:20
kdbPlugins: google help autoid identified channels weather reconnect keepalive web stats ctcp dnstools irc webapi core spell broadcast eval logging swatch rss jsonrpc greeting rmessage timers hello22:20
prologicThis instance has almost all plugins loaded!22:21
prologic@help help22:21
kdbHelp plugin22:21
kdb    Provides commands to display helpful infomration about22:21
kdb    other plugins and their commands.22:21
kdb    See: commands help22:21
loanswith liberal application of cron and that logs2html script22:33
loansprologic: thanks much!22:34
prologicloans, brilliant :)22:45
prologicthat's pretty much what i do with irclogger22:45
prologica smaller bot that has the same code as kdb's logging plugin22:46
prologicbut yeah22:46
prologicI may try to do some future work to build or incorproate a fancier web ui for searching/viewing logs22:46
loansturns out i have to compile nginx to get ldap auth22:47
loanswhich didn't tkae nearly as long as i expected22:48
prologicahh right22:48
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kdbHi alsadi23:28
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