IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-09-09

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kdbYo techdragon00:55
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prologicaye fUD08:33
prologicgonna try and write a script to do something along the lines int his issue:
fUDI didn't even relise I was on here. Let me take a look see.09:04
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kdbWelcome back robert_|disconne :)09:04
fUDprologic: Are you going to dabble with some Go?09:06
fUDOh no, it's all python09:06
prologicfuck no :009:08
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prologicbut yeah I think the two hardest things will be09:08
prologica) verify the connections have drained09:08
prologicb) remove from hipache09:08
prologicwell with b I did write hipachectl09:08
prologicso *meh*09:08
prologicshould be easy enough09:08
prologicI *might* just do this as an "upgrade" image/container though09:09
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kdbWelcome back osso :)09:09
prologicsomething like:09:09
prologicdocker run --rm --link hipache -e SERVICES="web" -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock prologic/upgrade09:10
prologicor maybe make the "services" to upgrade an argument to the entrypoint/script09:10
prologiceither/or or both09:10
fUDIf only I knew what that line ment completely.09:11
prologicrun a new container from prologic/upgrade image09:11
prologicremove it when it's done (--rm)09:11
prologiclink in hipache container/service (--link)09:11
prologicbind mount the docker unix socket (-v)09:12
fUDSo it's not doing much more that it would be now, kind of a transparent upgrade?09:12
prologicto test/verify I'm going to hie apache bench (ab) at a simple "hello world" web service whilst I upgrade it to a newer version09:12
fUDI mean from the command line it'd not doing much more, but behind the scenes a lot different.09:12
prologicmake sure no packets drop :)09:12
fUDWow, sounds like a tough problem to tackle...09:13
prologicbah fiddle sticks :)09:13
prologicsee if I can't knock it over tonight :)09:13
fUDWithout dropping packets?09:14
prologic$ dke prologic_hello_1 ss -tapn09:14
prologicState      Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port               Peer Address:Port09:14
prologicLISTEN     0      0            *:80                       *:*09:14
prologicalready 1/4 way there :)09:15
prologicone part solved09:15
fUDhaha where is your gist of docker shortcuts again?09:15
prologicyeah so same as what we do now really09:15
prologicI put it in a snippet on our bibtukce taccount09:15
fUDheh, I'll look there.09:15
prologic$ gister < .profile.d/docker09:16
prologicbut here you go too09:16
fUDYou don't use zsh at home?09:16
prologicso this "upgrade" container/services will rely on two things I guess09:16
prologichipache (the load balancer)09:16
prologicand ss being available in the image/container being upgraded09:16
prologicI guess I *should* cal this thing09:16
prologicno i don't :)09:17
prologicI use bash pretty much09:17
prologicI have no need for anything fancier :)09:17
prologicbbs have to do some tidying up around the house09:17
fUDThat is true, bash is simple.09:18
spaceonezsh makes things easier09:18
spaceoneas shell09:19
spaceonenot a script-thing09:19
fUDThat is true a lot of cool commands.09:19
fUDSuch as cd'ing without needing cd I noticed the other day09:19
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prologictbh I've never really usd zsh :)09:38
prologicthere's a reason I've never picked i up :)09:40
prologicsorry spaceone :)09:40
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loansprologic: fish <3
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kdbWelcome back coldblackice :)20:04
prologicloans, thanks I think I've seen fish once before :)21:09
loansfish is fantastic21:10
prologicI might try it out :) thanks21:16
prologichow's kdb and logging going? good?21:16
loansactual application is somewhat stalled, i think the bot's still running in my test channel21:17
loansdutifully making empty logs21:17
prologicapplication is stalled?21:20
loansapplication ie the thing i wanted to do with it21:22
loanspolitical and technical stall21:22
prologicoh I see21:23
prologicbummer :)21:23
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