IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-09-10

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WorksterICU2, uptime01:22
ICU2Uptime: 3+12:41:4 (CPU: 865.55s 0.28%)01:22
Worksteri know your busy prologic but any progress on ACL for kdb? and i need to work on the twitch plugins for interacting with the twitch API, probably could figure that out myself01:23
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prologicsorry Workster03:13
prologicit's unlikely at this stage that I'll be able to get anything uch done03:13
prologicI *will* try03:13
prologicI'll by shutting everything down at home very shortly03:13
prologicprobably today03:13
prologicI'll have my MacBook Air with my while in transmit/move/etc03:13
prologicbut just depends how much downtime I can get at night from here on till we get there03:13
prologicso if I don't see any of you here online, etc I'll see you on the other side03:14
Worksterif all goes to worse well just have to use nightbot or moobot for the time being.03:35
Worksteri'll see what i can learn to code03:36
prologicthis likely also means charla's test server will be down for a while04:54
prologicunless I find some time to move it :)04:54
prologicperhaps I'll try04:54
prologicyeah if you can "work around" it for now that'll be good04:55
prologicI will get it done, just we're hitting "crunch time" now04:55
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Worksteri understand.06:23
prologicI just spun up a DigitalOcean vm with docker06:28
prologicand moved most of the services running on my deskotp oto there06:28
prologicthe dns may take a while to update though06:28
Worksterok nothing super important06:33
Worksterquestion though what will become of your .au address you wont have an ABN so you'll have to move it.06:34
prologicit'll remain07:27
prologicit's going no where :)07:27
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kdbHowdy osso08:57
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kdbYo fud09:42
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kdbYo workster11:18
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kdbYo ninkotech11:38
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kdbHeya icu212:08
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kdbHowdy romster12:08
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kdbYo coldblackice20:16
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