IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-09-13

prologicwe're not there yet :)01:08
prologicwe fly out on Sat01:08
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prologicsucks not having a chair09:53
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kdbYo koobs11:48
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prologickdb, unload greeting13:32
kdbUnloaded plugin: greeting13:33
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prologickdb, plugins13:34
kdbPlugins: google help autoid channels weather reconnect keepalive web stats ctcp dnstools irc webapi core spell broadcast eval logging swatch rss jsonrpc identified rmessage timers hello13:34
riotheya.. is it a good idea to implement a watchdog that notices when things go awry? And if so, has anyone done something like that? If not, any hints on implementation?17:07
riotthis thing could do other goodies: implement and transmit/store crashreports, last action logs, os stats and whatnot17:08
spaceonejay… python3.5 has been released today17:26
spaceoneb'%s' % (b'foo',) / b'{}'.format(b'foo') is back17:27
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prologicriot, yeah seems a good idea20:23
prologichave I written on using circuits; no (not yet)20:24
prologicshoudln't be hard though :)20:24
prologicI think I'm planning on writing one for autodock thougvh :)20:24
prologicwhich is writen using circuits20:24
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riotprologic: i assume it should run as "external" as possible (i.e. the other running stuff shouldn't be able to take it down)21:27
riotwith the balance of it needing to see/know when things go awry21:28
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