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pdurbinfUD: hi00:17
prologicHey fud02:16
fUDircloud is pretty good. Not sure I'd pay for it though...03:06
prologicfUD: I am just to stay premaritally connected09:44
prologicbut I'm also connecting irccloud to my existing ZNC (bouncer)09:44
prologicso I was already connected 24/709:44
prologicbut this also gives me seamless integration between desktop, macbook, mobile and tablet09:44
fUDThat's true it does give you that capability10:01
prologicyeah that's what I like about it really10:02
prologicthe seamless integration10:02
prologicit actually works really well in conjunction with ZNC :)10:03
prologicso you connect your desktop at home/work via HexChat/Colloquay via ZNC and IRCClound to ZNC and voila10:03
prologicfUD: also re autodock stuff10:03
prologicI think we're going to be deploving deployment and auto-upgrade plugins soon10:04
prologicto facilitate continuous deliveyr or deployment or whatever10:04
prologicand self-upgrading services10:04
prologicfUD: check out -- you might want to get involved in the discussions; certainly if you guys continue to use autodock that is :)11:17
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spaceonejay... i just found 5 remote code execution vulnerabilities21:54
spaceonebecause of those noob programmers which created the http modules for the python stdlib21:55

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