IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2015-09-18

prologicI was worried for a second you had found 5 remote exec vulnerabilites in circuits :)01:14
prologicobviously if you do; we will patch them immediately :)01:15
prologicfUD: hi! How's it all going over there :)01:15
fUDMorning prologic.01:15
Romsterthat is not promising what are the CVEs for them spaceone ?02:49
spaceoneRomster: no CVE's. the projects are to small that they deserve a CVE... but you can have a look at my last 5 PR on github
spaceoneto see them05:57
spaceonejust found that whole in 4 more projects...07:58
spaceoneM2Crypto is also affected07:58
Romsterthat is a trap08:10
spaceonebut that prooves that my statements aren't unjustified08:23
spaceone9 code execution vulnerabilities because the-thing-i-always-tell08:24
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