IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-09-21

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spaceoneprologic: please merge my PR. I want to see the tests results. Maybe this fixes a lot of broken tests.09:01
prologicspaceone: done09:39
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#352 (fix_ssl_handshake#114 - f1c5b42 : SpaceOne): The build failed.09:39
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#353 (master - f1c5b42 : SpaceOne): The build has errored.09:40
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spaceonejay, it fixed a lot of things. only 6 test are failing09:42
spaceonethe connected event isn't fired09:43
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travis-cicircuits/circuits#354 (master - 0d7db59 : SpaceOne): The build is still failing.09:44
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prologicspaceone: sweet09:46
prologicI have to get up in ~3hrs to go to work09:47
prologicso I'm going back to bed :)09:47
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spaceone>>> m._tasks10:14
spaceoneset([(<connect[client] ('', 36320 secure=True)>, <generator object connect at 0x7f062c1c7690>, None)])10:14
spaceonethe generator is not further iterated10:14
spaceonethe select() call is blocking10:21
spaceonehm, i don't know how to fix it10:37
prologicspaceone: I'll take a look today some time :)12:42
spaceonenice ;)12:48
spaceoneprologic: → here a script to reproduce it12:52
prologicspaceone: thanks I'll take a look at that13:02
spaceonebtw. Range + Cookie implemented in httoop this night. Hope that i'll get it out 'till January.15:14
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spaceoneprologic: can you have a look at
spaceoneisn't this what we wanted, too?21:49
spaceone(all tests pass except the broken ones)21:49

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