IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-09-22

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fUDis the x and x or y confusing for people ?05:04
prologicfUD: not if x and y are clearly defined :)06:49
prologicspaceone: I'll try to have a look tomorrow if you don't mind; I'm quite wrecked from the flight, being violently ill for 2 days and my first day was full on :)06:51
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Romsterwhy did fud get k-lined?08:05
Romstermaybe they banned irccloud?08:06
Romsterthat be why08:08
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prologicRomster: yeah wtf happened there?17:45
prologiche's an old colleague of mine17:45
prologicHave you spken to James from IRCCloud about this already?17:45
prologicHave they fixed/removed the K-Line?17:45
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fUDSeesh, I was k-lined for a time.23:07
fUDI wonder if it's because I didn't pay for a comercial irccloud account yet?23:16
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