IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-09-26

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spaceonehi prologic_, how are you?10:51
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riotit actually went in12:07
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riotany suggestions or examples on how to efficiently memory debug circuits apps?17:56
riotfyi, i'm playing around with
riotgenerates nice graphviz files.. but i have yet to find out if i can show the WHOLE18:35
riotoh my.. OH MY18:39
rioti can now see it....18:39
rioti can see almost everything!18:39
pdurbineverything in circuits?18:40
riotoof. every single object, instance, method, whatever18:42
riotthat is quite a lot to digest, but i think this debugging method should serve well =) (you can set the root to see through things in detail)18:43
rioti shall try'n post this graph (it is a 22915x4579 pixel graphviz image...)18:44
riotafter running a few seconds. i can now generate these on buttonclick in the browser frontend =)18:44
rioti think a statistic would be nice as well, esp. over time, so i can see what grows overproportionate18:44
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