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qwebirc94632hi circuit guys!21:50
qwebirc94632i'm investigating using circuits with python3 and I can't get the echoserver example working correctly on Debian Linux - is this a know issue?21:52
qwebirc94632however, it seems to work on freebsd. it opens the socket, and receives packets, but doesn't send the echo.21:53
pdurbinqwebirc94632: I feel like prologic_ works hard on Python 3 compatibility.22:12
qwebirc94632no doubt, but I'd like to get it working on linux as well as bsd, as I'm more likely to host my project on linux22:17
qwebirc94632i'm trying to work out if its specific to debian linux, but I don't have another distro handy right now22:19
pdurbinqwebirc94632: well, if you wait for a bit I'm sure prologic_ will respond22:24
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