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riothmm. runs nicely, here.00:23
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prologic_I suspect he was using the PyPi version14:46
prologic_we need to release end of month :)14:46
prologic_sorry been away for a whiel guys14:46
prologic_been super busy at new job14:46
prologic_swamped ;)14:46
prologicqwebirc52327: you still having troubles with Python3?14:47
prologicYou *should* be using git HEAD really14:47
Guest37137that's where the most stable/compatible stuff is14:47
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qwebirc52327hi circuits guys... I've been experimenting with circuits on python3, but I can't get the echoserver example to work on my linux box, tho it works on freebsd15:01
qwebirc52327i'm running a variant of debian jessie, if that's important15:01
qwebirc52327@prologic, just seen your response, sorry. yes I'm still seeing the problem, but only on linux15:05
kdbUnknown Command: prologic,15:05
qwebirc52327prologic: as for using HEAD, I installed with pip, so that should be HEAD, right?15:06
prologicit's not :)15:25
prologictry pip install -e git+
prologicit should be documented on the README how to install dev15:25
prologicor just git clone and python install15:25
prologicI highly recommend it :)15:25
prologicwe tend to release very slowly15:25
prologicbut this year we're going to change that and try to do quarterly releases15:26
prologicstarting end of Oct15:26
qwebirc52327ok, i'll try that and if still having problems, will report back. thanks.16:00
prologicno problems :)16:00
prologicWe run Travis against pretty much all versions of Python we support16:01
prologicso I'd be surprised if it doesn't work for you16:01
prologicbut please let us know16:01
qwebirc52327on another topic, is there a "circuits way" to do non-blocking file writes - I need to log input from each socket on a TCPServer to a separate log file. Currently I'm experimenting with queue.Queue which feeds a number of writer threads, but it feels a bit frankenstien...16:20
prologicWe have for that16:26
prologictry it :) let us know how it works for you16:26
prologicNB: It only implements non-blocking file access for LInux at the moment16:26
prologicwe need to write support for BSD and Windows at some point (volunteers welcome!)16:26
qwebirc52327what approach does it take, as from my recent reading, neither linux or bsd support true non-blocking file I/O directly (I read an article about a torrent client that was trying to do this and resorted to threads like I mentioned above)16:28
qwebirc52327for windows, I gather that "overlapped io" with call-backs has been standard since NT416:29
qwebirc52327but I'm not targeting windows, so I don't really care about that :-p16:30
spaceonenice! I would never care about windows... windows users should better care about themself16:30
qwebirc52327windows users better stick with vbscript, if you ask me ;-)16:50
prologicit uses the same tehcnique as Twisted I believe17:01
prologicsets the file descriptor as non-blocking17:02
prologicAFAIK it reuiqres Kernel support to do this though17:02
prologicso I'm not sure how portable it is :)17:02
prologicit *could* be improved17:02
prologica lot I think :)17:02
prologicbut it's there - it works we use it17:02
qwebirc52327i'll give it a go as soon as I get circuits going on my linux box... currently using my freebsd one, where it obviously isn't supported18:08
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prologicoh we support BSD18:32
prologicwe just can't easily CI it :)18:32
prologicTravis only runs tests against Linux systems really18:32
prologicbut yeah we support 2.6, 2.7, 3 and PyPy on Windows, LInux and BSD (including OS X)18:32
qwebirc52327confused - do you mean you support *bsd per se (which i already know) or non-blocking io on *bsd?18:37
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qwebirc52327prologic: I can confirm that with the new version, installed as you suggested above, the echoserver example now works - thanks!20:17
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