IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-10-08

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spaceoneOsso: hm? why doesn't python do interact with C well?18:10
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Ossospaceone: for instance when you are writing C extensions you need to wrap all your outputs in classes from CPython19:53
Ossosame problem with inputs19:54
spaceoneof course19:54
Ossofor rust I don’t have to do that19:54
spaceonei don't know rust19:54
spaceoneso there is a internal mapping of datatypes in rust?19:54
Ossogo has garbage collection and can still handle c calls19:55
spaceoneand what if you give something like a dict to a c function in rust?19:55
Ossothere’s a libc::c_int and stuff you get19:55
spaceoneor if you pass more than the allowed arguments to a c function?19:56
spaceoneso you have to convert things by yourself?19:56
Ossomostly it’s just a cast away, the pointers are the same unless you want to bound checking which is still just one cast away19:56
spaceoneso how does that look?19:56
spaceonefoo = libc::c_int(15)19:57
Ossoyou can do19:57
spaceonethis can be done as well in python19:57
Ossolet foo = 15; (which is would infer to a rust type)19:58
Ossomy_C_function(foo as libc::c_int)19:58
spaceonewell yes19:58
spaceonebut this is also possible with python19:59
spaceonepython has the advantage that you can write wrappers19:59
Ossoeven cffi it’s not that straight forward19:59
Osso(you still need to bindgen the stuff you are going to use rust)20:00
Ossofrom the c header files20:00
spaceoneimport ctypes; foo = ctypes.c_int32(15)20:01
spaceoneoh yes, i remember cffi20:01
Ossoor ctypes yeah20:01
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