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prologicOsso: have you used ctypes or cffi at all?02:38
prologicinterfacing with C with Python is actually really easy02:38
prologicWhen I wrote a prototype of a language I call mio in CPython it also implemented a C FFI using cffi02:39
prologicit is/was really easy to get going and do02:39
Ossowhat I really want to do in python is02:54
Ossomy_c_function(“hello”, [1,2])02:55
Ossoit’s really that simple02:58
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prologicOsso: yeah okay I see what you're saying14:12
prologicit isn't quite that trivial with either ctypes or cffi14:12
prologicAre we sure someone hasn't written a meta library that does this?14:12
prologicIf not; why don't we write one ? :)14:12
prologicwe (circuits users/devs) are kind of good at powerful meta programming :)14:13
Ossothe thought crossed my mind14:13
Ossobut I already work too much14:14
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robert_prologic: sup18:19
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prologichi robert_19:13
prologicOsso: if I ever have the need to interface with C again from Python19:14
prologicwhich I may very well do in  my new job19:14
prologicI may *just* do this ;019:14
prologicand hopefully publish it as OSS19:14
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robert_prologic: I may write a python back-end for this new multi-AOL-like service that a friend and I are going to be working on soon.20:52
robert_and we may directly use Circuits as the server part of the python interface20:53
prologicOoh neat!20:54
robert_we're doing something similar to Bittorrent and using a DHT for routing and DNS20:55
robert_we'll have our own version of DNS and our own routing.20:56
robert_we call it InterVue20:56
robert_and on the InterVue network, you get use client IDs; 9 digit numbers, similar to how teamviewer works20:57
robert_the InterVue network will operate on the principle of "least hops"20:57
robert_how quickly can we get route your packet to its destionation?20:58
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